Team Rocket's Boss Is Hunted In The First Instalment Of Pokemon Generations

Pokemon Generations is a new weekly animated series that aims to flesh out the events from 20 years of Pokemon games. In the first full episode, the international police track mysterious Team Rocket leader Giovanni to the Viridian City gym. Technically this is the second episode of the new animated series. The first, also released today, is more of timeline of the series.

The animation is quite nice, even though for some reason it was uploaded to the official channel at a maximum resolution of 360p.

Here's episode two, in which Detective Looker of the International Police makes a startling discovery about one of the series' earliest villains.

New episodes of Pokemon Generations will be released every week up to December 24. What stories would you like to see get the Generations treatment?


    Wait so only Ash and Gary were the only ones ever to get a Viridian Gym badge?

      I think it was only Red and Green who got the badges.
      Then in Gold and Silver, Green took over the gym if I recall correctly.

      Red and Blue (pretty sure the series is based on the games only).

      Red and Blue. This is following the game's timelines rather than the regular anime.

    It annoys me that a) there is no Japanese audio version, and b) its only available in 360p. Even maximized on my laptop, it looks freaking horrible.

    So with Giovanni still at large... Team Rocket revival ? Maybe the series will hint at whats to come in the coming game maybe

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