Tell Us Dammit: EB Expo

We're just 24 hours out from the first day of EB Expo, one of the bigger Sydney conventions of the year.

It's shaping to be a bit of an intriguing show. It's not been the same beast ever since the League of Legends crowd stopped going (thanks to Riot holding their own events), and EB's initial attempts to court cosplayers were pretty rubbish.

But there are still some major drawcards. Plenty of gamers will get to trial PlayStation VR for the first time. A select few will also get some hands-on time with The Legend of Zelda. It'll be on the Wii U, and it'll be the same demo from E3, but getting to play it in the flesh and seeing how everything works in concert is a huge appeal for a lot of fans.

There should also be a big crowd for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, while Ubisoft and EA have a number of big titles to show off that will catch people's attention. I'm going to EB later tonight for a media screening of Zelda and PSVR, although I'll also be there tomorrow to check things out in the flesh.

So what's your level of interest in this year's EB Expo? Care about Zelda at all? Any interest in PSVR? And if you can't go but would like to, is there anything you'd like me to check out or report back on?


    Not going, but yeah quite keen to hear about the more interesting stuff they don't have every other year.

    Ask for the VR headset to be wiped down thoroughly before and after you use it, please.

    Don't be wanting the pinkeye.

    Just on Zelda:

    Grill the Nintendo AU reps on absolutely EVERYTHING. Anything we can glean as to the nature of the game, the new console(s?), if there will be future Nintendo Directs this year....go to town on 'em.

      Haha, the AU reps will know nothing.

        I guess we have no other choice but to download the Zelda demo to an SD card then.

        can confirm. Nintendo AU team sometimes don't get told about new launches until they see it on Nintendo Direct like everyone else.

    Got a Friday evening pass but can't really be bothered going. The idea of waiting in lines to try small slices of upcoming games and tech is a little underwhelming for me. I wouldn't mind trying PSVR but I imagine that will be one of the more sought-after demos. So yeah, better ways to spend my Friday night I think :-)

      PSVR is pretty cool. If you've got a big head like me you might not be able to get it to focus completely, it's responsive enough to not be noticable ... but you wouldn't want to play anything that requires lightning fast reflexes. Worst thing is your face gets pretty sweaty under the goggles. It's fun but not exactly an ideal way to experience stuff

    Same old standard line from me - "I got in for free three years in a row and still felt like I'd paid too much" :P

    Level of interest? Didn't know it was on, don't care to know that it is on.

    been before and would not go again.

    I'll be heading down for the Friday daylight session. It's usually good for a look around, catch a talk or two if there are any good ones on at the time (probably just Phil Spencer's by the look of it). I think Infinite Warfare is the only game I'm really interested in at the moment, I'm not sure if the queue will be too long to be worth waiting for by the time I get there though.

    If anyone is there on the friday twilight session, I'd highly recommend catching the Dark Room as (8pm? 1hr before closing iirc). I saw it last year and it was excellent.

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    Lived in Geelong during first EB Expo on Gold Coast, moved to Brisbane the next year and they move Expo to Sydney - Fuck EB

    Each to their own but I feel that these events are pointless and endless hype trains are one of the biggest problems with creative media of any type.
    I'm more than happy to play games that actually exist and wait casually for the ones I wanna play in the future.

    Attended as ultimate gamer. Loot bags were pretty empty. Nothing good. Stuff like 2 mouse pads and band aids. 1 special guest claimed gears of war 4 would "touch you in all your special places". It didnt, but supposedly 1 guy got sexually assaulted. Another got covered in beer, and there were rumors of food poisoning and overcharging. Dunno really but my chip on a stick was half raw and made me feel not so good. As for games, john robertson tried to warn us with an american pie parody that implied it was "the year that gaming died"

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