That’s One Way To Advertise A Rollercoaster Game

That’s One Way To Advertise A Rollercoaster Game

If you’re making a rollercoaster tycoon game, one way to promote it could be showing off aspects of management, highlighting weather transitions, the flexibility of building placements, and so on. Or you could just send hundreds of NPCs flying into the air.

That’s pretty much the sole theme behind the latest video for Planet Coaster: peep bowling. If you never got into the RollerCoaster Tycoon games, peep bowling is basically setting up rollercoasters so patrons go flying off the track and into a massive queue of other citizens.

Look at those visitors getting piledrived to oblivion. They look so happy.

If you want to see how Planet Coaster plays — which might be handy, given that the game is coming out on November 17 — then here’s a timelapse build of a park that was made in two hours. It’s coming along nicely.


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