The Assassin’s Creed Games Are Getting Remastered

The Assassin’s Creed Games Are Getting Remastered

If the Assassin’s Creed games haven’t done a great deal for you lately, then perhaps the characters have something to do with it. So to capitalise on the fact that no-one has come close to matching the suave Ezio, Ubisoft is bringing him back through a remaster.

It’s called Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection, a remastered bundle including Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations for PS4 and Xbox One.

It’s only the single-player and DLC though, so you won’t get any benefit from the multiplayer that was first introduced to the series with Brotherhood. Ubisoft’s reason for that is pretty straightforward, saying that “the most polished and fully featured version of that multiplayer is still playable” with Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

A PC version of the Ezio Collection hasn’t been announced yet, although Ubisoft typically pushes those out a month or two after their console release. The remastered bundle is currently set to launch on November 17, according to local retailer listings.

It’s worth mentioning that you can already play Assassin’s Creed 2 on Xbox One thanks to the backward compatible program. That’s only on Xbox though, and for those who only just experienced the AC series when they first bought a console (as Black Flag was a common game bundled with the PS4 and Xbox One in its first year) this might be worth a look.


  • I think it’s hilarious that they’re releasing a series of games… without the start and end of the actual story (AC1 and 3). Are they just gonna cut Desmond’s parts- you know, the actual story of the game- out? (Probably for the best but…)

  • Gamers: “Geez Ubisoft, you’re making so many Assassin Creed games. At this point I don’t think you can top releasing an AC each year.”
    Ubisoft: “Challenge accepted!”

  • Assassin’s Creed II and its two sequels are some of my favourite games and definitely the high point of the franchise. They did amazing work fleshing out the characters and making the missions non-repetitive grinds. It was also due to the development of the modern-day aspects and interweaving it with the past that made them so good. The new games seem to put the modern-day stuff so far on the back-burner that I lose interest (Unity did this with the reveal being of no consequence whatsoever).

    That said, I cannot see myself purchasing this. I still have all the games on my PS3 and this trailer makes it look like a port as opposed to a remaster. True, playing it in 1080p at 60fps would be great, but not great enough for me to spend ~$80. I was truly excited at the idea that Ubisoft were going to update the games to Syndicate quality. If they ever do that I will be totally for it.

  • Before you remaster something like the first 3… you need to prove to us you can master ganes like the last 3

    • I’ve heard that one is quite good and is actually “needed” to understand some of the plot of Unity, too. Shame it got sent out to die.

    • One of the stupider things they did, but why would people want more sailing and pirating when the previous game was so amazing and unity was so crap?

  • I’ve bought three copies of Black Flag, but I’m kind of hard-pressed seeing myself pick up this collection. Ezio was OK and all – Brotherhood is probably my 3rd-favourite AC. (1st: Black Flag, 2nd: Syndicate.) And it’d be nice to see it remastered… I guess?

    I’d be parting with money a LOT faster if it was Rogue, instead. BOATS.

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