The Call Of Duty Remaster Is Looking Just Like I Remember

The Call Of Duty Remaster Is Looking Just Like I Remember

If there’s one thing that will live on in my memory for a long, long time, it’s the many memories I have of late night LAN parties playing Call of Duty 4. Over, and over, and over, and over again.

People have been playing the multiplayer of the remastered Modern Warfare a go over the last couple of days. And the best possible thing happened: it looks and sounds like what I played at all those LANs many moons ago.

Those fortunate enough to attend the Call of Duty Experience over the weekend — which most Australians would have missed — were given an opportunity to get hands-on with the remastered Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and for the most part things are looking good.

The interface has changed — the scoreboard is radically different and there’s a few elements that stick out, but there are plenty of core elements that remain.

The AK-74u, for one, looks like the wonderful slaughter machine that I know and love, as this commentated 48 kill spree shows:

Given that Backlot is one of the best maps ever designed for an FPS, it’s good to see that Raven (the developers behind the remaster) haven’t mucked with in the slightest.

The same goes for Overgrown, which was one of the more popular “pub” maps. It’s not something that was ever seriously played in competition, but it was fun to fire up and run around on late at night when you’re just mucking around with 10 or 12 mates.

Oh and, most importantly, Crash still looks like Crash. The Dust 2 of Call of Duty is back, and it’s still great — although this time there looks like there have been a couple of tweaks.

There’s a grill above the roof for the bombsite that’s closest to the attackers, which makes that a bit more difficult for campers. From a competitive aspect, however, everything else looks to have been left intact.

It’s not known whether some of the trick jumps from PC still work — the ones you needed more than 90fps for — but I’m sure that’ll become known before too long.

I can see this getting played at LANs for a good while to come. Funny thing is: will the remaster end up cannibalising the player base of Infinite Warfare, or will fans simply switch between the two?


  • OK and now for the 2 most important questions.
    and if yes (and i dont mean BS “p2p host” servers i’m talking proper COD4 servers)
    2. Can you buy it standalone?

    If the answer is no to either of those then its a no buy straight from the get go.

        • Why bother about it being standalone? It comes free with the normal CoD game for the year anyway. Just buy that and don’t play the other new one. You’re getting 2 games for the price of one either way. 🙂

          • Mostly because i have zero interest in the new game model, and only want the COD4 remastered and its not worth the $90 price tag.
            Would happily Pay $40-50 for a better looking cod 4 with dedicated server support.

      • Hmm, I wonder how this will impact Infinite Warfare if they are making dedicated servers available for the COD4 remaster.
        On a side note, I’m really hoping they pick this game up for PC eSports again, looking forward to watching\playing this competitively again 🙂

  • Why bother… should have remastered Call of Duty 4, not a title that doesn’t really look that out of date graphically.

    • They are remastering Call of Duty 4.

      Is there a different title you meant other than what you said?

      Anyway, I disagree, CoD4 is the best one and I’d love for it to be active online again. Plus graphical upgrades are always nice.

  • So many long nights playing this game with mates, we used to set up our own server and add all the community maps into the mix as well as the originals.

    OK so there is going to be dedicated servers, but will it be a server list like the original had or the stupid Matchmaking they have had since MW2?

    Also is there actual LAN support, as in Offline?

    I did notice from a quick watch of one of the vids that the scoring has changed slightly, i’m pretty sure from memory(although fuzzy with age) that a kill was only worth 10 points in the original?

  • Man, that ghillie suit still looks like arse.

    I know it’s never really going to happen, but I seriously look forward to the day when we can get proper cloth physics. It’s not their fault… it’s just where the hardware is at the moment.

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