The Forza Horizon 3 Demo Is Out This Morning

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If you've been looking forward to driving around a fanciful version of Australia with dune buggies, a ute from the 1950's, kangaroos, and, uh, a Lamborghini, then you'll be pleased to know that the demo is available now.

According to the listing on the Microsoft Store, the demo is live from 10:00 AM AEST (or 8:00 AM AWST, 9:30 AM for Adelaide). It's around 18.34GB large, which isn't too bad these days.

The game itself doesn't launch until September 23, and the demo listing notes that the game can support 2-12 players in multiplayer. That could just be a note for the full game, however, and it's not indicative of what features the demo might have.

The demo is also a good reminder that games are coming. We're almost completely into the silly season. The next two weeks are packed, especially if you like your sports games and cars, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But before that, we have Forza Horizon 3. So if you pick up the demo sometime today, let us know what you think!


    Can't wait to drive from the goldie to Byron via the apostles. Wait...

      I get it now.... "I'm gonna take the great ocean road to Byron!"

    is the demo available for PC, or just Xbone?

      Yeah I don't know either. That link to the Microsoft store, suggests only Xbone.

      not yet, nothing on the Windows Store except for the full version. I guess if someone is concerned whether it'll run on their rig they can get Forza 6: Apex.

    Hopefully there's a PC demo incoming. Not too long to wait for release though if not, I guess.

    thats alota gigs for a demo, got the ultimate edition orded ill jist wait the 10 days

      I know! 18Gb... for a demo?!... Not that bad these days?! Am I the last person on the Earth with slow and expensive internet access?

        nope your not lol mine only downloads at about 3mbs, dunno how theythey classify 18 as small lol im preloading recore and the entire game is 6gig

      The Xbox has gone mental with download sizes. Even Doom had an 18gb PATCH when I went to play it the other day.

    Can't find it on the Xbox app version of the store just yet :/. 11.20 am EST. Want to be able to pre-download it so there's no waiting for all those gigs later tonight :P.

    Glad they are doing a demo though; I always like the idea of these games but not enough to partake in an entire one. Hopefully this will satisfy my need for Aussie dust-ups, and I may not buy the whole thing. Or the exact opposite will happen?

    Demo still not available on Microsoft store or Xbox One

    Apparently it's delayed and will be up in a few hours

    I was interested in getting the PC version but the standard version is $99 on the win10 store. o_O

    Still not available on the store 7:11pm 12/9.. anyone know where i can get it or when it will be out?

    This went live at about 1:30 AM According to a few people i know that were up that late!

    Looks fantastic, but $99.95 for the standard edition on the Windows Store? nah.

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