The Horror Game Controlled By Twitch Viewers

Image: ICU Kickstarter

We're all used to the world of streaming by now, but there still aren't a great deal of games that allow for the audience to mess with the person playing. So let me introduce to you I.C.U. — an interactive horror game, where one player has to survive the various challenges set for them by a captivated audience.

The premise is pretty simple. Imagine a reality TV show, where the entertainment stems from one player shitting themselves, and an audience given a toolbox to continue giving the player nightmares. That's I.C.U.

The idea that spectators become more powerful the longer they watch is a really neat idea. I wouldn't be surprised if that gets recycled in other games somehow.

I.C.U.'s been in development quietly for 18 months, but going forward the developers are looking to crowdfund the project. And it's already successful, having raised ~$71,488 with a goal of $65,193 ($US50,000). There's 33 days left to go, so we'll probably see quite a few stretch goals — although only two are announced at the time of writing.

The objective's pretty simple for the player: find all of the three shacks hidden throughout the forest. Every time the player finds one, however, it triggers a modifier to the level that the audience votes on. Those watching can screw with the player further as the game progresses too.

You can find out more on I.C.U.'s Kickstarter page. The developers are hoping to have it out by December next year, although as always remember that Kickstarter deadlines are never set in stone.


    so you have to wait for them to get to the shack.. and you only get the chance to mess with them, when theyre in the shack or have been watching long enough to get coins.. i much prefer mods that add twitch effects than these dedicated twitch games.

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