The Next Best Thing To Flying In World Of Warcraft: Legion

Players can't initially fly in World of Warcraft's Legion expansion, but once they have reached level 110 and made a few friends they can at least call a flying cab.

The Flight Master's Whistle is an item players receive upon completing a relatively easy level 110 faction quest, Uniting the Isles. Once you're friendly with all five main Broken Isles factions you unlock World Quests and are awarded a whistle that will summon an instant ride from wherever you are in-game (outdoors, I imagine) to the nearest static flight point on the map.

The Next Best Thing To Flying In World Of Warcraft: Legion

Blizzard's decision to barricade the ability to use flying mounts in the new zones behind an extensive series of exploration and faction-grinding tasks, something introduced after the uproar over the lack of flying in the previous expansion, is fine by me. I love the tension and excitement of exploring the new lands without knowing I can fly to safety at any given minute. But it is nice to know Broll Bearmantle and I can always thumb a ride home in a pinch.


    I still can't fly in Draenor...

      While the grind was annoying, it was worth it. If you need some help, I'm happy to do some flying for you.

      I would also help a cool chap such as yourself

        Cheers for the offer peeps, but I often lament the fact its too easy these days and miss the epic quest lines (as a warlock the lengths for the Felsteed/Dreadsteed).

        I'll get to it when I'm slowly levelling a druid or something I haven't got above 50.

    here we go.... why im so dissatisfied/abused because I cant fly....
    also I have to go to underbelly.... I dont want to PVP
    also free epics

    The game is better without flying.


      Doesn't take long to get anywhere anyway.

      Bonus points, you get to drop a few Alliance along the way.

    No flying = No druid skydiving.
    That makes me a sad kitty dr00d especially when I lose practice and take damage even with safe fall... then the gave me boomkin flap.

    That switching to forms as you travel and fight is epic even without flight but the travel ground form is so slow. Wish druids got a ground mount speed form :( (I will pay cash shop for it Blizz) or a buff that 4 seconds after casting/ooc you get speed boost to travel ground form mount speeds.

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