Popular Fan Game Pokemon Uranium Fully Ceases Development

Popular Fan Game Pokemon Uranium Fully Ceases Development

A month ago, a Pokemon fan game with nine years of development got shut down by Nintendo. The creators didn’t seem particularly sad about it, though: over a million people downloaded the game, and the devs planned to continue supporting it for those people. But now, that’s changing.

The Pokemon Uranium developers have announced that they are ceasing further updates on the fan game, and that they are shutting down the online functionality that previously allowed players to do things like trade monsters with one another.

It’s unclear on whether this is due to a mandate by Nintendo, but we reached out to the Uranium developers and will update this post if we hear back.

Just a month ago the developers said that, despite takedown, the project was “more alive than ever.” To wit, I downloaded the game after it was technically shut down, and was still able to Wonder Trade with other players. Damn.


  • Gotta love the last sentence.

    Wonder if they realise they’ve directly influenced a portion of users to never ever shell out a cent again for new games?

      • I think they are implying that people will stop buying the real games because Nintendo shut down this fangame.

        Honestly, the worst possible thing the devs of the fangame could have done was to release it while Nintendo was heavily marketing the upcoming release of their new game.

      • Yes…yes it was. Oryx just hit level fifty seven. Once I work out how to travel to eastern tandor…I assume that happens when professor oak gives a boat travel ticket having captured about seventy five or a hundred pokemon.

  • Pff, the game is doing just fine. Maybe you should update your article after checking the subreddit and Discord.

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