The Reason Why Frieza Lost To Goku, According To A Chiropractor

A Japanese chiropractor thinks he knows why Freiza lost to Gokku in Dragon Ball Z. And what is said reason? Bad posture.

[Image via Dragon Ball Wikia]

In an interview with Netarika, chiropractor Yuji Ogawa discussed exactly this, pointing out Frieza's poor positioning in his hover pod.

Ogawa notes that it's hard to tell how first-form Frieza sits in the pod from the manga, so he used a collectible to explain what he meant.

[Images via Netarika]

Frieza sits slightly forward in his hover pod, making a strong impression when viewed head on. But from the side, he's hunched over.

[Image via Dragon Ball Wikia]

Which makes it easier to see said posture in these images from the anime.

"In the pod, he's relaxing in a stooped over position. He also has his arms in the worst position." Because of that, Ogawa says that he will get stiff shoulders, which aren't good if you are planning on kicking Goku arse.

[Image via Dragon Ball Wikia]

Ogawa images that Frieza is in this position for long stretches of time, saying this not only puts a burden on his nervous system, but also his internal organs.

[Image via Dragon Ball Wikia]

Here is a normal person's spine, on the left, compared to Frieza's, on the right:

[Images via Netarika]

All this means he is not operating in optimal condition. And because this, he was not going to perform well and was bound to lose.

His third form, no doubt, was a direct result of slouching, so please, sit up straight regardless or not if you're going to fight Goku.

[Image via Ultra Dragon Ball Wikia]


    He's making the major, and very likely incorrect assumption that, the alien possesses an exact skeletal makeup and composition to a human...

    I was expecting him to say "He lost because he cut in half between these to vertebrae here."

    The moment when you realise Freiza lost because Goku tricked him into cutting himself in half with his own attack rather than any physical pummeling into defeat...

    There we go. Another poorly researched article. Frieza lost to Goku because Goku was stronger than Frieza and Frieza lost his stamina during the fight and has NOTHING to do with his spine. Why? Because Frieza isn't even a freaking human. Frieza heals himself every time he transforms. Frieza gets cut in half and he can still survive. Then u bring up a stupid point about his spine lol. Don't spread this misinformation around or else you're putting burden on other people to clean this shit up

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