The Uncharted Movie Just Lost Its Release Date

The Uncharted Movie Just Lost Its Release Date

Attempts to get a live-action Uncharted off the ground have been in the works for ages. And while a release date was announced and a new writer was brought on only a month ago, we might have to wait longer still with a reports appearing that the movie’s release date has been pulled from Sony’s upcoming release calendar.

According to ComingSoon, Sony Pictures has pulled the Uncharted movie from their release calendar. Uncharted was supposed to be coming out in the United States on June 30 next year, but that is now up in the air.

The status of the project was a little shaky before then. Joe Carnahan, the producer and writer of Smokin’ Aces and The A-Team remake in 2010, announced he was joining the project at the end of July.But Carnahan isn’t directing. And so far, nobody else is either. A lead star hasn’t been found either.

ComingSoon’s report was also backed up with this note from senior box office analyst Jeff Bock:

I guess it’s better than hearing that Uncharted has been put on ice permanently. But with the way things are going — remember, Sony Pictures were pushing out press releases for this movie back in 2010 — it’s getting difficult to hope.

Eight years. Come on. Surely someone can make this movie a thing. Please?


  • Why do you want this so much??? We have so many films based on popular culture now. There’s no need for another unless it’s going to be great, and how could these be anything than ‘younger, cooler Indiana Jones’?

  • I think the assassins creed movie will probably dictate if this movie gets made, if that smashes the box office they’ll ramp this up or quietly file this away if it doesn’t

  • This isn’t really surprising. You’re not going to get a (presumably?) big budget blockbuster type movie in theatres in June next year if it only just hired a writer (so presumably doesn’t yet have a script) and doesn’t have a director, cast or anything else lined up as yet.

    • I thought that had been quietly canned? Or at least shelved indefinitely. I remember reading an interview with one of the Naughty Dog guys who had been working on the script and he mentioned that nothing had been going on with that for a while.

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