The Witcher 3's Cats All Hate Me

I've always thought of Geralt of Rivia as a big ol' cat. I know they call him The White Wolf, but come on: The guy is a cat. So it's been bumming me out that after a recent patch to the game, all the cats in the Northern Realms seem to hate the guy even more than they already did. Check out what happens when I go by the Inn of the Seven Cats:

So much hissing! Jeez.

I have unfortunately deleted a lot of my archived Witcher 3 footage, but I feel pretty confident that it didn't used to be that bad. I'm not the only one who noticed — this winter, several threads cropped up with other players asking why the cats so consistently hiss at our favourite Witcher these days.

The cats' hatred is accurate from a lore standpoint — characters in the Witcher books have noted feline distaste for Witchers, for instance. Many players have also wondered and theorised about why Geralt keeps running into a particular cat — Nibbles, seen in the image above.

I'm not sure I'd necessarily call the change in cat behaviour a "bug", though the consistency with which the cats do the same reared hissing animation does seem a bit odd. Intentional or no, it's bumming me out.


    Cats are supposed to hate Geralt. It's in the books. Any cat that doesn't (such as Nibbles) is probably a sorceress in disguise (or otherwise magical).

    Yep, there are a few subtle nods towards the kind cats not being what they seem. Also they have always been like that, patch didn't make a difference in my experience. 300+ hours in the game so far...

    its in the books that cats have an aversion to witchers. something about their mutations

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