The Harbinger Movie Could Now Lead The Valiant Cinematic Universe

The Harbinger Movie Could Now Lead The Valiant Cinematic Universe

In 2015, Sony Pictures announced they’d start their own superhero cinematic universe using the characters of Valiant Comics. The plan was to use Bloodshot and Harbinger to start things off. Now it seems, while that’s still in play, the titles have been flipped around. According to The Wrap, Sony is moving forward with Harbinger as the, well, harbinger of the Valiant Cinematic Universe. Bloodshot would also appear in the film, which could hypothetically be in theatres by late 2017 or early 2018, setting up a spin-off that would come as the second film in the series. Other potential characters for spinoffs are HARD Corps, Livewire, Generation Zero and Faith, who is apparently a big part of the Harbinger film. Eric Heisserer (Arrival) wrote the script.

Lots of big Valiant names are not on that list, though, including Ninjak, Archer and Armstrong, X-O Manowar and others. We know that Ninjak is the subject of a big upcoming online project Valiant is set to introduce at New York Comic-Con, and rumour has it that some of those other characters could factor in, too. Would that project have anything to do with the movies? It seems unlikely. But it’s exciting to see Hollywood get wise to such a huge untapped resource like Valiant.

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  • Valiant Comics? Huge uptapped resource? Is it simply edgy discount marvel / dc stuff…? Am I the only one who has never even heard of these characters? What day is it….

    • Sonys latest attempt to get a ‘universe’ going and completely missing the point. Marvel spent *years* getting one going, DC, despite missing the mark with a movie or two, is themselves doing the hard yards too. Sony just jumps right in, insists they have a ‘universe’ on properties noone gives a shit about or that don’t *need* universes. Recent examples? Men In Black and 21 Jump Street were going to cross over and kickstart a shared ‘universe’. Then it was ‘Ghostbusters’ (thank christ that flopped…). Now it’s this.

  • I’m surprised Sony didn’t just start with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Judging by the Wikipedia character list, he’s likely to be the only character who’s even slightly recognisable to people who aren’t die-hard Valiant fans, and, you know, dinosaurs.

  • Man Bloodshot,Eternal warrior,Harbinger have been putting out better reads than DC/Marvel have for the last couple years, Sony go make another Fantastic 4 or x-men movie at least there’s no expectations to be ruined with those franchises.

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