There's Kind Of A New Road Rash This Year

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And in the book of things that came completely out of nowhere, here's a game that is more or less trying to be Road Rash.

Road Rash, to this day, is still one of my favourite things ever to grace the SEGA Mega Drive. It was an arcade racer. With motorcycles. Whips. Chains. Police. Baseball bats. And occasionally other traffic to contend with.

Enter stage right, Road Rage.

There hasn't been a new trailer uploaded since E3 that I could find, so this is the closest we've got so far.

As described, Road Rage is basically an open-world racer with a heavy dose of inspiration from Road Rash. Everyone races around on bikes. The E3 demo shows people scooting around with crowbars and bats. And while there's talk of "story" missions and an open world, I can live with that.

The game has no connecting with Road Redemption, the other spiritual successor to Road Rash that's been in Early Access for a couple of years.

If I'm being completely honest, I'm pretty cautious. The "rendered art" shots look flat and missing detail. The footage from E3 looked smooth, but there also was barely anything going on in the city bar the player and AI racers.

For a game that Amazon says is launching on November 15, I'm a touch sceptical. But we'll see how it comes about. I've heard next to nothing about Road Rage all year, which isn't a great sign.


    Looks very last gen, visually. A big part of the attraction of Road Rash was the vibe and atmosphere (I'm trying to avoid using the word 'attitude') which the soundtrack and cutscenes brought to it.

    It's hard to tell if this new one has tried to emulate the bad ass factor but I'm not sure the idea of having a back story presented via text boxes would really suit an action racer like this. Also, does it really need to be open world? Not every game works open world.

    Alright that's my little rant. I'm only being so critical because I would love this to be good. Loved Road Rash back in the day.

      Yeah I loved Road Rash, and never liked the Saturn/PS1 reboot.

        what about Road Redemption?

          I avoid Early Access as a rule, but this may be an exception.

            ive got it, its ok, i bought it as soon as it was announced as early access because i was like ROAD FUCKING RASH!!!! and almost knocked myself out with nostalgia.
            it was pretty rough at first, but there have been a few big updates over the last few months, but i havnt installed it since rebuilding my gaming PC so i cant really comment on what its like at the moment. from memory it has local co-op and it should be a fair bit cleaner now. it used to be framy and the menu system was pretty basic, i think it has more polish now though.

    Rebought Road Rash 3D for the PS1. Played it for like an hour and decided that even though I used to love it to death, I don't really care anymore

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