Titanfall 2 Isn't Included With EA Access

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If you're a fan of the company's sports titles and bigger franchises, chances are you'll get quite a good bit of value out of EA Access. You might have to pay around $7 a month, but for someone who regularly plays Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed, and the other bits and pieces that EA puts out, those 10% discounts can pay off.

If you were hoping to get a discount or early access to Titanfall 2, however, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Apart from getting discounts and 10 hours of gameplay before everyone else, part of EA Access's appeal is the free trials. It's great if you're on the fence about a game, although some people would argue that demos should available to everyone before purchase.

In any case, EA Access owners won't be getting anything special when it comes to Titanfall 2. If you scroll down, you can see a healthy exemption for the upcoming shooter on the landing page for EA's subscription service:

Image: EA Access

EA has supposedly confirmed to GameReactor that it won't be added to EA or Origin Access (the latter being the PC-only variant) ahead of the game's launch on October 28 either. I've reached out to EA's local team for confirmation and comment, but hadn't heard back at the time of writing.

In the end, this move will probably be more symbolic than anything. The quality of a game has nothing to do with whether its developer or publisher releases a demo beforehand, although the community often takes that as a sign of confidence when they do. Similarly, Titanfall 2's exclusion from EA Access will be read as a negative especially after the swath of changes after the first public test.

It shouldn't be — more often than not the developer has nothing to do with decisions like this. But that's probably how it'll end up playing out nonetheless.


    It probably comes down to the contract signed between EA and Respawn. Respawn has petty much free reign on Titan fall 2 with EA simply publishing it.

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