Tropico 4 Is Free For The Next Couple Of Days

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Today the Humble Store is kicking off a summer sale, which isn't all that unusual because the Humble Store has a lot of sales — good sales actually.

What's interesting: Tropico 4, the pretty damn cool construction and management sim, is actually free. Not 50% off, not 90% off — actually properly free.

All that's required is a Steam log-in, which everyone reading this site has. Pretty much.

So that's the lead, but the Humble Store itself is also home to a number of other super good deals. Like...

— 75% off Alien: Isolation, probably one of my favourite games of the last five years. — 50% off Fallout 4 — 55% off Oxenfree, which is goddamn awesome and everyone should play it. — You can also pick up Limbo for $1.99US

The entire sale is pretty cool, and will most likely be worth checking in on pretty frequently, but Tropico 4 For free?

Get on it!


    That's a good get. Cheers Mark.

    This has caught me unawares, I'd love to jump on a few of those deals but I'm currently sizing up new phones/console purchases. Hmm.


    seems I already own Tropico 4.

    Last edited 09/09/16 10:12 am

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