Ubisoft Games Are Fairly Cheap On PSN Right Now

Ubisoft Games Are Fairly Cheap On PSN Right Now

It’s not often that the PlayStation Store has competitive deals on multi-platform games. But if you’re looking for something to pick up this weekend, there are some solid offers here.

It’s all part of a wider promotion for Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary, which has resulted in 50% or more discounts on the publisher’s major franchises, as well as their experimental titles and bundles.

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate and The Division can now be bought digitally for less than $40, while Watch Dogs is now available for an utter song. You can browse the deals through your PS4 directly, or via the website. But here’s a breakdown of the most important deals:

Some solid offerings. Even if you blast through the campaign, you’re getting enough value out of Watch Dogs not to pick it up now. Child of Light and Valiant Hearts have plenty of fans, and Syndicate is hard to pass up at that price considering it’s an enjoyable instalment in the AC series.


  • Prince of Persia trilogy on PS3 for less than $9. Been wanting to replay Sands of Time for ages but it PC version doesn’t really work well on newer operating systems.

    • Dude get the triple pack for $50 that’s a bargain. I liked all 3 games. Black flag is fun. I really enjoyed the settings of both unity and syndicate. French revolution and the characters were great. And Jacob and evie fry were awesome imho

  • Random question, if i havent played any assassins creeds since number 2 will playing sydnicate be confusing? or should i go through the older ones?

    • At that price you should buy Black Flag, best AC game in my opinion. I hadn’t played AC3 or brotherhood etc and the story made sense, fairly self contained.

      • I agree, Black Flag probably has the most fun story and the high seas larceny component is rad. I’d say get the deal for all of them, but you’ll probably get sick of AC gameplay after picking one to start with so grab Black Flag and enjoy.

    • You can jump in just fine. I’ve played all the console versions and still don’t have an idea of what’s going on.

      • Well you see… there’s this dude… and an analmus…. and he’s like…. and then he’s got an uncle… and the uncles got an analmus… and there’s a girl and another girl… and some dude delivers coffee to Habstargo… and then Habstargo turns out to love its analmus’s… and this dude he just says one day ‘That’s it I’m done!’ and drops out of the series… and then like, there’s a bunch of faceless dudes that take over… and yeah all this random stuff happens that makes no sense.

        And there’s assassins in there too somewhere.

  • Dang, I was just about to consider getting Syndicate from JB for $39, but might wait to see if this Ubi sale also pops up on X1 now also.

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