Very Smooth, Pokemon

Image: Youtube/The Pokemon Company

In case you missed it, the Pokemon Company is posting official shorts about each generation of the Pokemon series until Christmas.

I'm not really on board with the whole whiny chirp that Pikachu has got going on, but it's a neat venture by the Pokemon Company. The first video is below, with future shorts due out every Friday/early Saturday our time.

I don't remember Pikachu being quite that cute and cuddly with Ash, either. Or that thin. Can we have the pudgy, sarcastic Pikachu back?

Update: There's a reason Pikachu wasn't that cute and cuddly — because the series features Red, not Ash. Apologies everyone.


    "Pikachu, get in the ball now..."
    You can nearly hear Pikachu telling Ash to fark right off... classic.

    This series of shorts is based on Red and not Ash, hence why his Pikachu was caught in the wild and isn't like Ash's

      I usually like your articles, Alex, but you really dropped the ball on this one.
      As Piat said, the boy is obviously Red, the main character from the early games, and not Ash. Hence why the short begins with the opening from the game...

      Last edited 22/09/16 10:00 am

        Whoa whoa whoa, ease up @Koganei. @alexwalker is a filthy twitch gamer who only excels at FPS and yelling ;)

        I mean don't give him too much crap *cough*

        Last edited 22/09/16 2:51 pm

        Yup. I've fixed it up. Thanks for calling me out.

    @alexwalker, the tribe has spoken. Please hand me your kotaku staff torch. *plays survivor music*

    But yeah, it's Red not Ash ya goof. Thanks for sharing though! I love how it zooms in from a battle to the anime :D

      No dramas. I'll fix it up. Sorry everyone.

        That's not what I asked..... *waits patiently for torch* ;)

    I enjoyed the Pokemon origins much more than the original anime.

      Only found that last night as well. Watched the first ep and my god it makes a mockery of the original anime.

        Yep it is crazy how good they actually made it. If they really are making a complete series it will certainly be one to watch.

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