Vodafone Is Down Across Australia [UPDATE]

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Vodafone is experiencing problems with data, text and calls across Australia, with users reporting that their phones and devices are unable to connect to the network at all. Vodafone is working to fix the problem as a top priority, but at this point have no ETA for when it will be resolved.

Users have been reporting problems for around three hours now, but Vodafone has only just put out a public post acknowledging the downtime:

Users are also reporting that they are unable to phone Vodafone support or log into the app to ask for help.

Vodafone's network status page is reporting 'Unexpected Maintenance':

Our technicians are currently responding to an unexpected network issue in the area. This issue may affect voice calls, txting and data services. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

While Voda hasn't promised anything to the customers who have been disadvantaged by this outage, many of them are quick to suggest that the telco should offer a Telstra-style free data day. We'll update this story with any new information, though hopefully service will be restored on the Vodafone network before Monday morning.

Update (11:00PM): Vodafone is still working to resolve the issue, but no ETA is available yet.

Update #2 (6:00AM): Services are now back online:


    Didnt have any outage in Melbourne. Well Telstra will be happy since its someone other than them.

    I had lots of periodic outages between 7 and 8 lastnight. We all know it's their hidden agenda to #keeppokemonfree

    I tried to send an sms at 21:15 but it failed. I guess if I was not at home it would have been a problem.

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