Watch Good Game's 10th Anniversary Special, It's Pretty Good!

Good Game recently celebrated its 10th anniversary special, which is super weird to me because it feels like its always existed. It's just this perennial thing that permeates Australian game culture. It's like Neighbours or Home And Away — difficult to imagine a world in which the show wasn't around.

But here we are — the show is ten years deep and recently celebrated its birthday with an hour long special. It's pretty cool. You should watch it.

I'm a fan of the show. In particular I love Spawn Point, which is just about as good as I could imagine a video game show for kids being. But the 'main' show has really come into its own over the last couple of years I feel. Looking forward to ten more years.

Congrats to everyone involved with the show!


    Yes very good indeed.

    I'm seeing Jordan (from Axis of Awesome) in a lot of media now, good for diversity and she is actually funny.

      Jordan killed it during the Game Pitch segment, I thought.

      Ever see The Ronnie Johns Half Hour? (Jordan used to be on, albeit as a man) that was the most underrated comedy show ever aired on TV!

    Yeah, managed to catch a portion of this. Really nice to see it all glammed up. Bit surreal!

    Sure there was a bit of cultural cringe at times but happy to see the show has gone a bit daggy on purpose instead of the early days where it seemed too entrenched in the old 'we hardcore so get in or get out' mould.

    Congrats to GG. A well deserved anniversary.

    Last time I watched GoodGame Hex was all punk/emo looking, now my god she looks different now.

      She no longer looks like a JB employee.

      She went hipster near the end of last year. This episode is her "professional" look. She'll be back to hipster next week.

    Love Hex's "CoD" game pitch. Could not stop laughing, and probably woke the neighbours

    I liked some of the segments in Good Game, particularly when they went to E3, but in the end the hamminess just got a bit too much when combined with the slap-dash review style. This game has great 'slow pan' potential and features a strong female protagonist option... 5 stars!

      What are stars? We only count in poultry around here.

        Have they gone back to chickens?! I knew that star system was fucked up!

          Oh no I haven't seen it in ages... it's stars now isn't it?!??!?!!?!?

            Yeah, it was a hoot. They changed the system from 10 chickens to 5 stars, saying 'we'll only award half-stars in special situations'...then almost immediately started awarding half-stars. As entertainers these guys are OK but as reviewers I just can't give them much credit.

    I was really hoping for a surprise on-stage appearance by Junglist. :(

      Was hoping for the same, thanks for the spoiler... :)

      Wonder if that bridge can ever be rebuilt...

        Based on what Hex said in her recent interview for Guy Blomberg's Game Hugs podcast (well worth listening to, as are many of the other episodes, it sounds like there still a bit of bad blood there, not unreasonably. It would have been cool, but it's not all that surprising that he didn't make an in person appearance.

    First half was good, they finally acknowledged the Junglist host change. The second half with the quiz was boring. #BringbackJunglist lol

      They talked about it a bit in an AMA awhile ago. Surprised they actually answered that question to be honest.

    When was it on? I tuned in last night at 8.30 and it was some show about migrants in England!!

    Also why has Bajo not been on there for weeks - seriously you get busy and miss a few weeks and they go and change the whole thing

      Yeah. I tuned in a 8:30 too and saw the final credits. I'll have to catch it on iview.

    Heh, "Dr" Daneel here (handle is actually just Daneel). I haven't been involved with the show in many years, cringeworthy as it was back then (and full of bad advice).

    I need to watch the show from last night still, but I'm happy to talk about my experiences if anyone's interested.

    Thank god P-nutz hasn't made a resurfacing!

      Were you or Kapowski invited to appear on the show like Junglist? Are you still in contact with anyone from the show (including Jung here on Kotaku) and do you still own that WRX?

      Edit: Kapow might have been the one with the Subaru.

      Might as well note, I did watch the anniversary episode last night. It was bittersweet as a long time viewer of the show.

      Last edited 21/09/16 5:13 pm

        I wasn't invited, though I probably would have appeared if I had been. I find it strange looking back on 18-year old me, compared to now.

        Re: the WRX. The WRX wasn't mine, so it must have been his..?

        I still run into Junglist occasionally, and I have Bajo on Steam.

        Still gaming though! Still mucking with hardware too.

    Wow, has it really been on that long? It seems like just the other year when I switched over to ABC22 for whatever it was, and stumbled across GG.

    I enjoyed the tribute show, really enjoyed the musical mashup, and laughed hardest at the CoD pitch.

    But my god, that answer to the Commodore 64 question? AUGH. Try this: 64 kilobytes, and over 10 million units sold!

    I met Goose last year at a gaming event prior to PAX Aus. Great guy, gave me plenty of tips about how to work video interviews and segments. Shame he's lost in that pile of hipster anti-gamer attitude that permeates the rest of the show and crew.

      I was going to mention something similar in my post above. Goose is my favourite person on the show.

      I like how he's straight to the point, factual and appears to have a certain journalistic integrity the others do not. To be honest, he's probably the best addition to the cast since Jung's departure.

      Last edited 21/09/16 7:30 pm

    They interviewed me for the pilot/pitch episode before they got signed on for a series.

      Wow, tell me more

    It's entertaining but it's a pity that they reuse so much material. I've seen Good Game live 3 times and 2 of those times they used Pitt Fighter and Tongue of the Fatman but each time they pretend they've never heard of these games before.

    Many other things I recall from the shows as well. I guess they find what works and stick with it but unfortunately it takes something out of it when you know they're pretending not to know answers.

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