When A PS3 Meets Thermite

Image: Youtube/Let's Melt This

Did you ever hate the PS3? Hate it so much you wanted to introduce it to some thermite and a blowtorch? No? Well, here's what happens anyway.

The YouTube channel Let's Melt This, unsurprisingly, has a penchant for turning things to ash.

So that's precisely what they did to the original PS3. They got their HHO torch, some thermite, and lit it up in nice, slow-motion.

It's almost kind of sensual, watching the logos melt away.

Wouldn't want the smell of the leftovers, though. Have you ever been tempted to give a bit of a Viking send-off to an old console?


    No, but I've definitely wanted to do this to a laptop or two. Got a Galaxy S3 on the shitlist too.

      Let's just lump any printer/fax machine ever created in with that bunch.

    Never hated the PS3, quite disappointed at all the new games coming out of Japan that are PS4 only though :( Will likely end up having to buy a PS4 so I can play EDF5 and Musou Stars/Berserk. Hopefully price-drop on the original console.

    (I coincidentally bought my PS3 specifically for Musou Orochi Z and used it to play EDF4 nine months before western release, which was a shame the 360 version was far better)

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