When Capcom Does Persona 5, It's Strange

Persona 5 characters and costumes look cool in, well, Persona 5. But how do they look in Capcom's Dragon's Dogma Online? Kinda strange! [Image: 4Gamer]

Famitsu and 4Gamer report that Capcom is collaborating with Atlus to bring four P5 outfits (the Phantom Suit, the Panther Rubber, the Trickster Suit and Trickster Rubber) to its free-to-play title Dragon's Dogma Online as an event which kicks off on October 13.

Here's a trailer:

The designs are the same, but the art direction and style makes all the difference in the world.



    Stop reminding me Dragon's Dogma Online exists but not in west :(

    Also Dragon's Dogma 2 already!!!! ARGH!!!!!

    Last edited 30/09/16 11:06 am

      Strength in numbers, Arisen.

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