When World Of Warcraft Is A Family Secret 

Video: For World of Warcraft: Legion's South Korean launch, Blizzard released a series of tongue-in-cheek dramatic clips between a father and son. The clips are subtitled, so be sure to turn on the English if necessary.

As pointed out by tipster Sang, Blizzard Korea did the same for Hearthstone, and you can watch those below.


    I don't know what I expected, but those were awesome.

    'ello, 'ello! Am I missing something, or can the author not tell between WoW and Hearthstone?

      You are missing something, Annoying Pedant. The article states that the bottom video is for Hearthstone. The top one is for WoW.

    That music was pretty perfect. It's the same gag every time, but I can laugh every time because of the music.

    Just like me and my old Dad.....
    Except for the punchline where he's actually a gamer.

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