When You Cosplay As A Graphics Card

Image: skim9142

People cosplay as all sorts of things. Characters. Plants. Pipes from Mario. Suits of armour. You name it, someone's put together a costume and rocked up to a convention.

A cosplay you don't see that often at conventions, however, is graphics cards. Unless you went to PAX West recently.

Rather than just knocking something together and calling yourself a character from a game, redditor skim9412 and his mate decided to knock some cardboard cutouts together.

Cardboard cutouts of the NVIDIA GTX 1080, that is.

Nobody would say it was the most technically proficient costume of the convention, but the likeness was pretty good. So good, in fact, that NVIDIA staffers got involved.

And for good measure, NVIDIA ended up giving them a piece of their own inspiration in the form of two GTX 1080s — the Founders Edition cards, by the looks of it.

You can view the rest of the gallery over at Imgur, including the work in progress photos of the, uh, GPUs in progress.


    To complete the effect, shouldn't they both be on fire? :P

    Heh, Linus from LinusTechTips posted a photo on Instagram posing with these guys. I also hope they both got a GTX 1080 and not one to share lol.

    Last edited 06/09/16 8:35 pm

    Is the guy holding the card upside down or are their costumes?

    Seems like a cheap way to score two graphics cards.

    Show up at EBGames expo in an NX costume anyone?

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