Who Is Overwatch’s ‘New Genji’?

Video: Let’s talk Overwatch! We’re back for another episode of our weekly chat series where we get together to talk about the ups and downs of the week in Overwatch. This week Cecilia, Nathan and I cover the new competitive season, how we feel about competitive play in general and which character is going to be “the new Genji” now that Genji’s been nerfed.


  • Honestly i think that no hero is too overpowered at the moment, and their next big patch should focus on making the defence hero’s much better.

    While they can occasionally be a good niche pick, generally you are better off with a tank or a support instead of a defensive character.

    Bastion is terrible and needs some tlc, Hanzo and WIdowmaker are good at what they do, but they need a little bit more to make them actually more useful to a team, maybe make WIdows ult also give her enemy-piercing bullets? make people fear grouping up when widow has her ult out.

    Mei could use some quality of life change for her team mates, let her take down an ice wall she has put up so she accidentally be the 7th player on the other team.

    Junkrat is probably the most useful defence hero, but what he could be is even more annoying, give him more grenades to shoot before he needs to reload, or make his explosions a bit bigger, he should be making the team think “I can’t go through here because i know junkrat is going to be lobbing bombs the whole time”

    Those are my suggestions and people are free to say they are bad, but the main thing blizzard need to do is bring everyone else onto the level that the most chosen hero’s are, not nerf the good ones to make them in line with the bad ones.

    • The problem with Bastion is that he is incredibly powerful at lower levels of gameplay (where people don’t counter very well), and make him stronger is going to make life incredibly frustrating for players that may already find the mechanics of the game frustrating.

      Hanzo is getting picked quite a bit since his buff and I think is in a reasonably good place, Widow could use some love (the comment I’ve read the most is lower the CD on her grappling hook, which doesn’t seem unreasonable to me).

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a Symmetra buff, maybe increase the armor buff she gives, and/or increase her HP a bit. Also think she should be reclassified as a defense hero.

      But yeah, I think the difficulty in balancing is pretty clearly the different levels of skill that the game is played out.

      • Yeah the grappling hook change would be great, having a reliable escape makes her way less of a burden on the team and its healers as her SMG mode on her rifle is useless, and makes her more likely to move around the map to take shots instead of camping.

        I completely forget about symmetra, and you’re right she shouldn’t be a support hero. Honestly if they want her to stay a support they need to rework her shield to be much better. I heard someone pitch an idea i liked of her having an aura like Lucio that slowly builds up extra shields (extra Max HP) of the people around her (up to a certain extent, maybe 100HP or so) that will begin to decrease when they are not around her. This means that she has a sort of “Overheal” mechanic and she can give an entire team a bit more survivability, much more then the measly 25hp she gives now, but she has to mantain it by staying with her team, making her a bit more of a support character.

        And you are super right about the differences in play between skill levels, i’m on the cusp of hitting diamond in competitive so i guess i’m only getting a mid to high level idea of how to fix heroes and know that an important part is casual play, i think Bastion could use something that encourages him to move more, instead of most people playing him in full camping mode, and i think that will also help casual players who have trouble with him because if you reward Bastion players for moving around they are more likely to get caught out by other players and not sit in one spot behind a reinhardt.

        • Probably because they don’t know or can’t comprehend pressing the button again once it goes up and are like whelp my team is screwed now.

        • It’s great because it also starts the CD as soon as you cancel it (rather than waiting for the wall to expire and *then* the CD starts).

  • Zarya. She gets far too many outs for damage, between her shield, and 200 of her HP being shield, its hard to do respectable damage to her.

      • Thats because its the only two heroes that burst high enough without doing splash. Two heroes out of 26? IMO, I would like to see her health pool become 300/100, with a 100 on shield. Reason being she still gets that small shield bonus, but dot characters can still chip at her if she tries to remain in the fight (how like other tanks work).

          • Nah. He can’t keep attacking whilst healing or regenerating, and chip damage is perfectly okay against him as long as people stay on him. RH’s perfectly ok (well, some of the hookshots are bullshit :P).

          • The only way Zarya (or any shielded character) regenerates is if they stop taking damage for 3 seconds, so shields aren’t really any more powerful unless you’re allowing her to escape from combat. I’d definitely say a 300 HP heal every 8 seconds is more powerful. Plus Zarya needs to maintain incoming bubble damage to make her damage reasonable (which is not that easy given that everyone knows to avoid shooting her bubbles by now), Roadhog has high damage always, and his hook combo will wipe out pretty much anyone that’s not a tank.

            TLDR; Zarya’s not as OP as people think haha

          • I’m playing in Diamond so I don’t think I’m that deluded. The thing is, if you don’t pop her bubble (which would be silly to do as why charge her), she actually only has 1 second after that where she doesn’t need to take damage before regenerating.

          • And then you have 10 seconds after the barrier is down to do 400 damage before she can bubble again, and as soon as you do 1 damage to her, the regen stops. There are actually lots of situations where sustaining damage through her bubble anyway is a good idea (ie if she is bubbling to save her life, she isn’t gonna start regen until 1 sec after the bubble goes down, and if you just keep on her the damage will kill her before she gets a chance to *use* the charged damage etc). Like most tanks, she is a difficult proposition for a 1v1, but that’s not necessarily how you want to tackle them.

        • Tracer, Mcree, Reaper, Mei, Hanzo, 76, Zarya, Roadhog and Ana all make short work of her. Reaper just kinda known as the tank killer. That’s far more than 2 heroes. Albeit not all of them have as easy a time as the other.

          • Tracer not really, close range hitscan destroys her pretty hard, mcree and reaper are known counters, mei is very situational (she annoys tanks alot, but to actually kill she needs support), 76 doesn’t at all, Zarya v Zarya shouldn’t be thought of as a counter, roadhog is a half counter, ana is just op (but again is a full pairing).

          • I have absolutely destroyed tanks especially zarya as tracer. Yeah you can get wrecked easy but that is part of playing her well, knowing when to zip in and out and when to recall. Soldier destroys her also a few good headshots and helix is all it takes that being said you get a lot of call of dude bros playing him who don’t know how to properly burst. Also Mei is simple. Wall her away from the team freeze headshot refreeze punch. Simple. I suck at Mei and even I can pull that off.

  • One of the reasons I play casual was because I don’t find many toxic people. The competitive mode seems to bring out all the filth so I decided against ever playing it again.

    • I found myself getting incredibly angry when things weren’t going my way when I first started playing (yelling at the computer screen, fist on the desk etc), to the point where I had to uninstall the game. I watched a few vids that gave an incredibly simple piece of advice which was just “when you find yourself getting angry, just log out”. It makes so much sense, but until someone actually said it to me, all I wanted to do was have a better game to neutralise the bad one I just had, and compounding my anger. Now, just having the idea in my head that “don’t worry if you have a bad game, just take a time out” actually makes me quite a bit more serene in my approach to playing.

      • That sounds like a good idea. I don’t often get angry but I avoid using the mike myself so I don’t bother people with temporary rage.

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