Who's Going To Be In Batman's Version Of The Suicide Squad?

Next month, Batman is going to assemble a special team to penetrate the stronghold of one of his most fearsome enemies — a team with total deniability, who'll do things the Justice League can't — or won't. Sound familiar? We don't know who's on the Bat-Suicide-Squad yet, but let's take some guesses.

DC Comics has put up a preview of Batman #9, the first chapter of the upcoming I Am Suicide arc. Written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janin, June Chung and Clayton Cowles, the issue sees the Dark Knight determined to find a cure for the fear madness crippling Gotham Girl. Bruce is determined to save the young heroine's life and that means finding the Psycho Pirate, the emotion-manipulating villain who has left Gotham Girl unstable. But, as the preview pages below show, Psycho Pirate is busy on the island of Santa Prisca, helping Bane tamp down his own terrors.

The guy who broke Batman's back isn't going to let go of his coping mechanism that easy. There's no word yet on who'll be on Batman's strike team, but the cover for Batman #9 shows him breaking into Arkham Asylum to recruit his archenemies to his cause. Who do you think Bruce is going to draft into service against Bane? Come up with a roster of Bat-rogues and put it in the comments below, won't you? Batman #9 comes out on October 19.


    Deadshot and Harley would have to be involved.

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