World Of Warcraft: Legion Progress Report: One Last Dance

I'd originally planned to run our World of Warcraft: Legion review today, but due to circumstances firmly under my control, it's now going to run next week. The fact that I'm still playing the game every night probably didn't help. My mage, Rande, doing the sitting at level 101 and not really worried about progressing dance.

Yes, three weeks and change later, I'm still pretty heavily invested in World of Warcraft's Legion expansion. On my main character, or at least my main for now, I've burned through the expansions' Heroic mode dungeons and am all geared for the next stage, Mythics.

That said, I am mildly terrified of embarking upon a Mythic dungeon, as they only support premade groups, meaning I cannot use the Dungeon Finder to be randomly assigned a party. I have to apply, and players seem pretty particular about the requirements. My item level is 833, which is fine, but comments like "know the fights or get booted" make me incredibly nervous. Nothing brings me down like getting bad-mouthed in instance chat.

So I've been logging in, getting any resource harvesting and mission queuing up I need to on Gerbil the Druid, poking about at the Mythic party list and then sheepishly logging out to work on my other level 110 character, Raccoon the Rogue. I suppose I will get him Mythic equipped and then move on to the next character.

The expansion's four-zone starting structure is beginning to wear on me somewhat as I level up alts. Having a choice between four different zones to tackle in any order you choose before reaching end-game content was nice enough the first couple of times through, but now it's big bit of been-there, done-that, fell down Thunder Totem's fancy elevator to my death.

I just need to pace myself, I suppose. That, or buck up and get into those Mythic dungeons. That's my goal over the weekend — that and getting the review written — so if you're on the Ysera server cluster and see Raccoon or Gerbil trying to run a dungeon, be gentle.


    5 lvl 110 later and yea it's getting to be a chore but I've kind of just rationalized as being part of the process. I mean leveling is leveling, I'm not sure what they can do to keep it fresh for the 12th (or 20+ if you want both side) times

    as for mythics. my suggestion is a) form your own group (in group finder) and clearly state there'll be wipes / it's a learning run. b) read the journal. My guild started Mythics at 790 (for a laugh because it was almost reset) which is well under heroic requirement and managed to clear EoA (imo EoA is one of the "easier" dungeons) and learned it's more about mechanical execution then hard dps / survivability.

    i'm not saying you'll breeze through mythics because playing with strangers vs playing with a group of people who you've known for 5+ years is very different but mythics aren't as hard as the name might invoke

      It would be less of a chore if you weren't forced to do every zone if you want to be able to do world quests at level 110.

      I can't just do a bunch of instances to level to 110 because then I will have to go do half the zone anyway just to unlock world quests.

      Where is the variety?

        normally you have to do the main pillars line and that's it to get to friendly, although in the case of both stormheim and highmountain you'll be friendly well before the chain finishes.

        i have a guildie that's experimenting with just doing enough quest to get to friendly then move on to next zone. not sure if a) they'll get to 110 or b) if WQ will actually unlock for them

      EoA one of the "easier" dungeons? o.0

      That last boss fight is utterly brutal on Mythic.

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          The other half of the time I get arrogant tanks that try to speed run, pulling 2 groups at a time, so I'm going oom every fight and popping all cooldowns just to keep up.

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              Yeah, the intention is that tanks take damage slower and are slower to heal up to full, such that you don't need to overheal just to keep up like in the old days.

          Took the PUG group I was in 8 tries but we finally got it.

          The combination of the waves and the lightning strikes made it so that one misstep and it's pretty much a wipe, so we made sure to stick together and kept moving left around the boss. Healer had to keep cleansing the astral bomb (which ALWAYS ended up on me, the MM Hunter, LOL!).

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        if you run counterclockwise, you'll be running away from the spawning waves or with them which some in my guild found to be easier.

        that said I got to be honest I might be a poor player to judge from, I've been playing this game since vanilla. collectively my group that I run with have cleared some of the hardest encounters in game (Naxx in vanilla, Sunwell in TBC, Mythic Garrosh to name a few).

        a whole heap of tuning buffs is incoming so maybe that will help the average player... and regarding the other comments, I still wonder how doable mythic is for a true PUG. i don't necessary agree with what Blizzard is doing in regards to 5man progression but this is the first time they are doing a full progression path so some flaws are meant to exist

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    Yeh I mean you're bound to get bored levelling the same shit 5 times. But I definitely agree that you should not have to do all the zone quests to unlock the world quests.

    I also really really really hate all the time gated class quests.

    Apart from that I love this expansion, its crack.

    "fell down Thunder Totem’s fancy elevator to my death."

    Been there, done that too! ;)

    I returned after a 5yr break a couple weeks late to the expansion. Managed to level my DK from 85 to 110 in 2 weeks, going tank spec for 98-110.

    The questing content has been on par with the best imo. One of the big issues I've seen in the community lately though is that everyone seems to expect to be able to have multiple alts as a given. I think WoD broke everyone there. Alts have always been a massive effort to level through quests/dungeons and then to gear them properly. I had 3 back in WOTLK/Cata and some considered that a bit forward to WoD and people commonly had 12 or more and now expect that they can maintain all those alts with little effort.

    Good to see its returned to where it once was.

      Its not quite the same thing, in Cata you could level entirely through PvP if you wanted and still have access to the endgame content. If you do that now you cant do world quests which are required to complete your class hall and to fully unlock your weapon.

      I don't mind that it takes a long time to level an alt, its just soul crushing to think about having to do all 5 zones again. I would like the option to do one or two zones, some dungeons and a little PvP to level up like the old days.

        Put it this way - they've made gearing easier, took all of 2 weeks for a lot of people to hit 850. 2 weeks to be raid ready is nuts, previously took a month if not longer!

        So since gearing is easier they had to make it take longer in other ways. As for repeating the zones for alts...people take having alts for granted. It's meant to take effort and yeah it's normally boring to level them up. That's the struggle you go through to get a max level and geared alt. Like I said, WoD was too easy, they've brought it back to where it should be.

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