World Of Warcraft: Legion's Order Halls Are A Good Reason To Play All The Classes

The Druids. Nobody knows who they were, or what they were doing. In World of Warcraft: Legion what they're doing is spending a lot of time in their lush and vibrant Order Hall, the latest expansion's answer to one of Warlords of Draenor's more contentious features.

I loved Warlords of Draenor's Garrison feature, which gave players their own personal fortress to develop, filled with questgivers, resource buildings, followers and other special stuff. Others felt that the Garrison structure killed some of the game's social structure and screwed majorly with the economy.

Legion takes the Garrison idea and expands upon it with Order Halls, which are basically expansive areas dedicated and themed around a single character class. Rogues get an underground lair, sort of like a dungeon. Hunters get a mountaintop hunting lodge. And Druids? Druids get this:

The Order Hall is the hub for Legion questing, with extensive missions themed to their respective character class. The extensive class-specific content means that Legion finally gives players a compelling reason to play through it with every class. This is a dangerous thing and will surely end my marriage.

All my druid friends are coming over tonight.

The Druid-specific content begins with my character being crowned (I guess it's some branches and twigs) an Archdruid, leader of Azeroth's anti-demon, tree-hugging contingent. Gerbil amasses followers and sends them on timed resource-gathering missions, goes on Druidic quests to save famous Druidic characters from Druid-themed doom — basically she runs the place.

Unlike the solitary Garrisons, Order Halls are filled with other player characters, each a member of that specific class. The Dreamgrove, as it is called, is flush with Druids, running about as cats or bears or stupid owl-things or deer, making the whole place reek of patchouli. They're harvesting resources, upgrading their artifact weapons, flirting with the Laughing Sisters and otherwise Druiding all over the place. It's pretty great.

It's still early days for Legion, but the class-focused structure of the expansion has already changed how I play. Specifically how I play Druids, more specifically that I play them at all. I used my level 100 boost for Gerbil because I could never get into the class, but as I took each of my level 100 characters through the opening Legion content, the Druid's storyline took hold, and now my focus has completely shifted from human Rogue to Worgen Druid.

And it's always nice to have a clubhouse, even if it always smells like cat pee and patchouli oil.


    Surprisingly the Monk order hall is actually in the Wandering Isles, a place previously only accessible to neutral factions, unsure how far out the level 100-110 can venture out, should be interesting to find out I guess.

      I thought it was just the temple in Pandaria that Monks could already teleport to for class quests at lower levels? If that's the case though (on Wandering Isle) it's pretty cool.

      Haven't had much time to play since launch myself yet so only just got my Demon Hunter to 102 last night and am loving that hall/ship and the storyline for it so far. Only other one I've actually seen is the Shaman one during the beta which was actually a lot better than I expected from the boring descriptions of it.

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        Minor Spoilers
        The place you're referring to actually gets attacked by the Legion in which the survivors retreat to form a new faction hub in the Wandering Isles. the teleport spell even gets changed to it.

          Read the spoiler as I figured leveling my monk was a little way down my list of things to do, but that sounds more exciting than I was expecting... Might need to check it out sooner. Have heard the Death Knight one involves working with: (spoilers)
          so I really want to try that one too... I'm already enjoying this expansion more than the last one and I haven't even finished my first zone yet (Val'sharah)

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      Seems to be a copy but not the one people level on. I think some of the areas where the turtle was hurt are fixed etc.

    I still have to get artifacts for Druid, Hunter, Mage and Warlock. Then use the 100 boost on a Priest and get it on him too. THEN I can start to level a character to 110.

    Send help.

      tbh what you should really do is unlock 1st artifact on every class, level every class to 102, unlock the rest of the artifacts and then decide who to level to 110

      i hate to say it but some classes just feels more complete with their artifact skill

    Also for some classes (not all) there are cosmetic/novelty spell books at the Quartermaster-style vendor that has the Order Hall Set. These are to replace effecs lost in the glyph changen

    Druid got Moonkin Flap, Treant Form, Stag Form (seperate button as Travel Form auto selects), Track Beasts, Charm Critter.

    Hunter got Fetch and Sleep/Wakeup Companion.

    Mages. Demon Hunters and Priests didnt get any novelty spells. Not sure on other classes.

    Found the stories and lore nice, but still wierd that all these forces suddenly unite/surface and fall in line under your command cause you have a shine weapons.

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