You Can Pick Up Firewatch T-Shirts For Cheap

You Can Pick Up Firewatch T-Shirts For Cheap
Image: Campo Santo

Firewatch is launching on Xbox One this week, in case you didn’t notice. In fact, it was supposed to be out already. So if you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting to play for the first time, or you thoroughly enjoyed the game when it came out earlier this year, the developers have some really cheap t-shirts that are worth a look.

There’s a whole range of shirts through Campo Santo’s store, but their “Buggy Early Access Edition” ones might actually be the most appealing. For a start, they’re only $US7 regardless of size — which given that they’re made using American Apparel, Alternative Apparel or Next Level, isn’t half bad.

So, why so cheap? Apparently Campo Santo switched their printing process to something called discharge printing, which results in the print forming the entirety of the t-shirt. It basically means you can get better quality t-shirts, since the whole thing fades uniformly over time. There’s more about the process here, if you’re intrigued.

But as a result of switching processes, a bunch of t-shirts got printed that weren’t exactly to quality. “The red of the shirt bleeds through the white Firewatch logo in irregular ways and it’s not even close to up to our standards. But we have two options, incinerate them or, sell them here for seven dollars until they’re gone,” Campo Santo says.

Here’s a close up of one of the “defects”:

Image: Campo Santo

I’d take it. A little bit of bleeding isn’t bad anyway — it gives the t-shirt that worn-in mark of being loved.

There’s the small part of the shipping coming to $US22.75 — Campo Santo’s only option for foreigners is the USPS First-Class Package International Service, which isn’t the cheapest.

Still, it only cost me ~$49 to have two shirts shipped to Sydney, which isn’t that bad. People certainly pay an awful lot more for merchandise. The shirts are still in stock, so if you’re interested head on over to the Campo Santo store.


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