You Can Watch The Presidential Debate Live Here

Image: AP Photo/David Goldman

The first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump kicks off in 15 minutes. And given that enough of you have been chatting about it in the comments over the past week, it seems only fair to give everyone a place to watch it live and discuss.

The debate will be broadcast live on a range of Australian TV channels, including SBS and the ABC. If you want to watch it online you can do so through YouTube, which should be pretty reliable as far as Australian internet goes.

Alternatively, you can also watch the debate and tweet at the same time with Twitter. Twitter will be streaming a feed from Bloomberg Politics, although you'll also have a feed to the right so you can see everyone's hot takes in real time.


ABC News (the US version) will also be streaming the debate through Facebook. That stream hasn't kicked off at the time of writing, but they have provided a handy bingo sheet:

Image: ABC News/Facebook

So that should be everything you need. Sit back, crack open some popcorn, and enjoy. Also: play nice in the comments. Please.


    But why?
    I'm not American
    I can't vote in America
    This is a GAME site

      What happens overseas affects us. It affects the game companies who live there which impacts the games you play. And given that people have been arguing about this stridently over the past week in various threads, this acts as a neat place to combine everything for everyone.

    Excellent! Dials back resolution to avoid feeling nauseous.

    Bad luck with that bingo card. Hillary in red and Trump with a blue tie.

    Everything has already gone wrong. Shut. It. Down.

    Just makes me want to watch The West Wing again.

    lol who doesn't love reaganomics.

    Edit: Shutup Trump and let the woman speak.

    Last edited 27/09/16 11:30 am

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