Zelda Vs Studio Ghibli: A Trailer

Video: So, Nintendo wants to get back into the business of letting other people make movies based on their stuff. The Zelda series is obviously a prime candidate, but before anyone goes committing millions to a mute live-action film, perhaps consider an alternative: A Studio Ghibli-style animated feature. Like this.

This fan-made trailer is the work of Matt Vince, as a very elaborate accompaniment to a series of posters that he made last year based on the same premise.

If you dig all this, you can buy the posters here.


    This trailer makes me feel very sad.... :(

      Cause you know M Night will get a hold of the IP and make the twist at the end that Link IS actually Zelda and the Zelda in the movie is from the future, hence she knows how to direct link on his journey?

        Yes. That is exactly beat for beat, word for word, why.

    I always felt like Princess Mononoke had a lot of the feel of a Zelda game as it is. Would watch the crap out of this if it were real, but I think Nintendo would need to give Ghibli free creative control over it and I can't see that happening. Especially now that the company is in hibernation.

      That's not entirely bad, is it?
      I mean.. would it be so different to another installment of the current Zelda lineage, like Wind Waker is to A Link to the Past or Twilight Princess is to Ocarina of Time?

    Could this actually happen?

    Please let this happen.

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