A Few Hours With GTA Online’s Halloween Event

A Few Hours With GTA Online’s Halloween Event

The Spooky Season is upon us, and many games are doing special limited-time events to celebrate, including GTA Online. Like last year, the Halloween event adds a new game mode, along with a few other treats.

The big new addition is a another Adversary mode, Lost vs Damned. This mode pits a team of “Angels” against a team of “Devils.” Every 60 seconds, the time of day changes. At night time, the devil team has firearms, while the angels get hatchets. When the sun rises, the devils lose their firearms and the angels get the guns. Each team can only score during their “time of the day,” so for example the devils only get points for killing angels during the night. When it’s not your time of day, kills take away points from the enemy team, but won’t add any to your scoreboard. When the time is up, the team with the most kills wins.

You can watch me play through a round of the Lost vs Damned below:

Lost vs Damned is a neat idea, but after a few matches I got my fill. Unlike last year’s Slasher mode — which I played for days and really enjoyed — Lost vs Damned isn’t very fun.

I played through matches where the other team would all climb onto obstacles, making the melee only team basically useless. And if a team had a huge lead, they had no reason to come out and play against the enemy. I was ghosted during Lost vs Damned in three different matches. Hell, even I did it: at one point, my team was up, 8 to 0. Since we were angels, we decided that come night time, we would hide and not engage the other team. Because of sheenanigans like that, matches can also take way too long. I had a match that was at least 25-30 minutes, which is too much.

Really, the mode isn’t very “spooky” or “Halloween-y”. Slasher was so great because it was this fun and tense mode that ALSO happened to be scary. Slasher felt like it was ripped out of a horror film. Lost vs Damned, while a novel idea, doesn’t really compare. Hilariously, the scariest thing in the mode are the angels:

For motorcycle lovers, Rockstar has added a new skull-themed hog that’s very expensive at $US2 ($3) million:

Despite the pricetag, people are definitely buying the bike and cruising all over Los Santos with it.

If you buy the Sanctus, you get an exclusive t-shirt too. It’s a nice gift, because a lot of players will probably be low on funds after buying the bike.

The t-shirt on the left is the one you get for buying the $US2 ($3) million dollar bike

This update also brings back some of the masks from the previous Halloween update along with face paints. If you want to run around dressed as a knock off Freddy Krueger, GTA Online has you covered:

On Halloween night Rockstar is going to be doing a double RP and cash event. A special playlist will also be available, and it will contain modes like Slasher and Come Out To Play. If you are planning to stay in on Halloween night, GTA Online might be a good option. What says “Halloween” more than shooting a costumed person with a shotgun?


  • For motorcycle lovers, Rockstar has added a new skull-themed hog that’s very expensive at $US2 ($3) million

    lol? Good to know my GTA$ are worth 50% more in real Australian dollars. If you could please let me know where this magical currency exchange is that’d be fantastic.

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