A Note To Destiny Players Regarding This Week’s Iron Banner


Hi! It’s me, your favourite Guardian. Let’s talk about Iron Banner for a second.

Yesterday, Destiny’s week-long PvP tournament returned with a twist. In honour of the new Rise of Iron expansion, this week’s Iron Banner matches aren’t the usual Control game-type. They’re Supremacy.

In Supremacy, you score points by collecting red crests from fallen opponents. If one of your teammates goes down near you, you can grab their blue crest before the enemy gets it and deny the other team the point.

I understand that might be hard to follow. It’s cool, it’s a new mode! New things are confusing.

All the same, I would very much like to stop dying, then watching guardians on my team blithely run past my blue crest as if it weren’t there, only to watch an enemy teammate grab it and score a point. (I would very much like to stop dying in general, but that’s a different discussion.)

See, blue crests are just as important as red ones. If you grab a blue crest, you deny your opponents the crest. Think of it as basically the same as scoring for your team.

You want to win, right? Of course you do. Winning is fun! OK. If you want to win, grab crests. Grab red crests. Grab blue crests. Grab all the crests! It’s what Shaxx would want.

I’m glad we had this talk.


  • Good god yes! My fireteam and I were discussing this last night to much frustration! (though we’ve noticed there seems to be a glitch with picking up crests, it’s not as instantaneous as ammo, there’s a very noticeable delay, you almost need to stop for a second for it to pick up at times.

  • Yep, it gets really frustrating when kinderguardians do this. Plus the amount of red bar players last night was annoying as fuck! Otherwise I’ll get to level 5 this afternoon and can then go back to the relatively peaceful endeavor of PvE and the raid!

  • And if you have the misfortune to play with a bunch of randoms, stick with the group for fucks sake. So many fails from fools running off solo, only to be mopped up by the opposing pack.

    Safety in numbers people!

  • so very true, hell i have even been on games that have people with snipers or using primaries across the map.

  • When there’s lag, can take like 5 years to pick one up. I love the new system and the game mode….but by gosh this is just shotgun dominant. Party crasher and matador is what rules this mode.
    On another note, that dragon pulse rifle is the new grasp!

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