A Wonderful Webcomic Illuminating The Things In The Shadows That Scare Us The Most

Artist Brian Coldrick's series Behind You is an ongoing look at the very common fear that someone is lurking just out of your field of vision — perhaps prepping to do something not very nice. Equal parts funny, whimsical and absolutely terrifying, the drawings make for excellent pre-Halloween browsing.

Coldrick explains a bit about Behind You on his website:

The whole thing sprung out of my love of horror films and books, and particularly the reading of spooky internet stories. My favourite type of spooky internet story is the real life account. These barely function as narratives as much as scary scenarios. There are so many gaps in the stories there's lots of room for the reader to fill them in with their own conclusions. This series is essentially my attempt to purposefully do the same.
Each page is simply a character with someone, or something, behind them and one line of text. While some of them touch on well worn horror tropes, none are direct adaptions of existing stories; I guess fairytales and myths, old and new, are fair game. Hopefully there is some amusing weirdness and genuine creepiness in the mix.

Check out more of Behind You below — love the subtle yet effective animation used in many of these — or go here to page through the whole series. You can see even more of Coldrick's work at his blog.


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