A4 Games Of Metro 2033 Fame Explains VR Decision To Fans

Image: A4 Games

It's not often a games developer has to explain its new game announcements to its fans, but that's the exact situation Metro 2033 found itself in last week when it took the wraps off its Oculus VR title ARKTIKA.1. For some, it appears the lack of anything Metro-related proved a let-down.

To address the situation, A4 Games' creative director Andriy Prokhorov decided to pen a community letter and post it on the studio's website. In it, he provides a few more details about ARKTIKA.1, while also assuring the masses that it's not the only thing the company has cooking:

It's clear that some of you really like the look of ARKTIKA.1 ... but we also see some of you were... maybe a bit disappointed. Perhaps you prefer traditional PC / console games, and maybe you were hoping we'd announce... something else!   So let me say again – ARKTIKA.1 is one of TWO projects in development right now. It's not holding the other project up — with our new Malta studio we are a much bigger team, and it is better for us to have multiple projects, for our own independence and creativity. We're not ready to talk about the other project just yet, but we think you’ll like it. So please be patient!

He goes on to reinforce the A4's decision to work on a virtual reality title, instead of something more "traditional", citing the developer's background with the first-person genre in general making the choice rather natural:

ARKTIKA.1 is a full-blown ААА title, and we are fully employing all of our accumulated experience to take advantage of all the new opportunities provided only by VR. ARKTIKA is not a port, the project was built for VR and the Touch platform from the ground up.   ARKTIKA.1 mixes the post-apocalyptic setting traditional for our team, with Sci-Fi, which is something new for us, and we hope that you like it. We ourselves like the way it’s coming out a lot.

I loved Metro 2033 and Last Light and would quickly devour a new adventure in that universe, but I completely respect A4 for charging ahead with what it wants to do and where it sees its future. Very keen to see what this second project is though...

A letter to the Community: 4A and VR [A4 Games, via The Wolf Hall]


    Did they explain why the PC game is exclusive to Oculus?

    I have a bigger problem that its a Rift title than what the subject matter is... lol.

    wot these two sed...

    Love the dev and was excited to see something new from them, but definitely a shame it's a rift exclusive.

    Last edited 17/10/16 9:45 am

    Yeah agreed. The only downside here is the Rift exclusivity. We all know how well that idea isn't going.

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