Apple Is Finally Ready To Overhaul The MacBook

After years — literally years — Apple seems finally ready to refresh the aging MacBook line.

An email went out to international press earlier today announcing that a MacBook eevent would be held at Apple's corporate headquarters in Cupertino. It'll be live-streamed from the Apple site on October 27 as well, which is nice.

The invite follows a report from a Japanese Apple site earlier this week, which claimed that new MacBook Pros would be shipping by the end of the month. That report suggested the MacBook Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air would get a refresh, which depresses me since I loved the 11-inch Macbook Airs. The screen is partially dead on mine and I've held off on paying to get it repaired given all the Macbook rumours that were floating around these past few months.

But it's OK. October 27. Next week. We'll finally hear about new MacBooks.


    My 2008 White is still kicking, but yeah I don't think it's long for this world.

    What am I in for? I need at least two USB ports, a faster processor for video-editing (iMovie/etc), obviously battery life is a concern, plus I know I'll have to put up with/actually use the voice controls or touch functionality Apple might decide to add.

    It used to be so much easier, either it has a disc drive or it doesn't :D

      The new MBP seems to have plenty of USB ports, and decent GPU and processor options, plus a radically better screen than your 2008, should be something in there for you :)

    Wonder if they'll finally be updating their OpenGL support.

      What's that? "Remove the USB port?"

        Remove the keyboard :P

          Nah they'll announce the Macbook Shuffle, which has no monitor.

          Nah, the keyboard removal is next year, replaced with the e-ink backlit keyboard

        What's that? All new peripherals? Including the battery chargers?

    So they will removing even more ports and using 3 year old hardware? And then making adapters so you can use devices on the ports they removed and charging $100+ for those adapters.

    Last edited 20/10/16 10:07 pm

    It promises to be an EXPLOSIVE event!

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