Aragami Is A Stealth Game That Lets Players Control The Shadows

Video: Lince Works’ new stealth game Aragami is fun but ultimately too clunky of an experience. We slice and dice in this Kotaku Plays!

I really wanted to like Aragami, which is out now across all major platforms and operating systems. Stealth games are basically giant puzzle games and I’ve always loved hiding behind a corner only to lunge out at the last second and take down a baddie.

Even with cool teleporting powers, the stealth in Aragami is far too inconsistent and haphazard. Enemy patrol routes are unclear, controls unwieldy and the game chugs to maintain a solid frame rate.

There’s the kernel of a good game here and, if you stick with it, Aragami can provide some remarkably intense moments. It is fun for a while before fading back into the shadows.


  • I’ve been enjoying playing it on PS4, especially because I picked up for $29.

    But even on the PS4 it chugs. It really really chugs.

    I also disagree that the patrol paths are not clear, I thought the patrol paths if anything were too predictable and obvious. The start of the game seems clunky and awkward, but after unlocking (about half at this point) of the “skills” I find the gameplay is a lot smoother (not the game, that still chugs) and I’ve really enjoyed exploring and doing some crafty shadow parkour-esc maneuvers to find hidden scrolls and secrets.

    No replayability unless you are chasing after every achievement etc.

  • I mainly got this because i loved Tenchu and had similar feel but it would not let me finish level 5 due to a bug (PS4). And even after the patch that came out that claimed to have fixed it I still had issues even after re-installing the game. So got this refunded. Lets hope with this prompt more Tenchu games to be made

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