Australia, As Shown By Forza Horizon 3

Image: Via AsianOni

Forza Horizon 3 is arguably one of the most beautiful video games ever made.

Which is pretty cool when you consider the game is set in Australia.

That's why I want to share some of the incredible in-game photos shown in this forum thread

Australia looks pretty in video game form.

Image: Via AsianOni
Image: Via PhilipDOesMatter
Image: Via Dee Dah Dave
Image: Via Zvonimir Boban
Image: AsianOni
Image: Via chromatic9
Image: Via ODDI

You could argue about the portrayal of Australia in Forza Horizon 3, or complain about the ways it's all put together, but it certainly is pretty.


    if it was really realistic there would be far more potholes on the roads.

    All I can say is that there are going to be a shit tonne of tourists who are going to rock up in actual Australia and expect to have a drive “through” the 12 Apostles to then arrive seconds later in Byron Bay, then briefly to the Gold Coast via the Yarra Valley and be thoroughly confused!

    Not to mention that we all leave our wheelie bins out all the time and don't use mobile phones!

    It's a blast btw, particularly when playing on the XBone one minute and then pick up where I left off on my 4K PC!

      the same way I rocked up in France expecting nice to be a 2 minute drive from Italy.... lol

    I've put too many hours into this game. I'm at work right now. I can't play right now. I hate you.

    Damn i really want to play this game but having no Xbone and it being monstrously overpriced on PC and me having no monies makes me a sad panda. :(

      I'm looking at picking up a One S soon so I can play the Forza and Halo games I've missed out on. Plus it's got a sensibly priced remote control for media stuff, and since the PS4 is currently a Netflix machine 90% of the time it's a big deal for me :)

      I was considering buying an Xbone, not even a big racing fan, just love car sandboxes.

      Thing is, I'm waiting for the Xbox w/e it's called, but cbf waiting so long.
      (Plus the missus will no doubt demand the PS upgrade instead)

      Couldn't you just buy it on the xbox store (using your pc) then due to the cross-play dealie install it on your pc?

        Nope... for some retarded reason for the life of me cannot understand digital editions are always more expensive than disc versions.

        This game is $74.99 for the disc version but $99.95 for the digital download from the M$ website.

    I eagerly await the Sydney gridlock expansion, as well as the Melbourne hook turn and roundabout pack they are releasing.

      Don't forget the Perth can't merge AI update.

        It's not that they can't merge it's that their on and off ramps just "appear" and "disappear" out of no where!! WHERE ARE THE DOTTED LINES!!

          They've been painted on recently. People are even worse at merging now.

          Same in SA, moving from NSW to SA the merging lanes freaked me out, barely sign posted!

            I nearly ran into a whole bunch of people thanks to those stupid things.

    I bought a One S just to play this game and have not been disappointed so far. I'll grab a few other things I've missed out on so far (namely Halo thus far) but if you're in the same boat as me and already have a PS4 but want to play this on a console, it's worth it!

    Not to mention that driving through surfers at more than 10KM/Hr is completely unrealistic... The appearance of what appears to be one of the Glasshouse Mountains right behind it is a little odd, too.

    I had pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 Pro which was quickly cancelled when I found out that it didn't support UHD 4K discs. So after owning PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and 4 and heaps of games - I went out and bought the XBox One S - my first MS console. And I'm glad I did. Not only does it play UHD blu-rays, I get to play Forza Horizon 3. And it is awesome. I love that I can just bush bash or hoon around and race up streams and inlets and get massive air on jumps. Too much fun. And on a 4K OLED screen it looks real fine...

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