Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max Arrives On Linux And Mac OS

If you hit up the Steam top sellers list, pretty much all the games from non-indies are Windows only. Which is understandable, given the economics of supporting Mac and Linux. So when a triple-A does take the effort to port its software, it often comes as a surprise. As is the case with Mad Max from Avalanche Studios, which came out yesterday with versions for these neglected platforms.

The announcement itself is nothing major, stating that if you already own the game, then the non-Windows versions are available immediately at no extra cost (which is expected, really).

What’s more interesting is the graphics hardware supported. On Mac, both NVIDIA and AMD are good, while those with Intel GPUs having a hard time of it. Fair enough.

On Linux however, only NVIDIA’s chips are get the thumbs up, with this note accompanying the system requirements:

AMD and Intel Graphics Cards are not supported at the time of release

The “at the time of release” bit suggests that AMD cards will be supported in the future, but that’s hardly a guarantee. Honestly though, will anyone lose any sleep over this particular tidbit? I doubt it — most gamers with a preference of Linux dual-boot Windows anyway.

Mad Max is now available for Mac and Linux! [Steam]

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