Battlefield 1's Tiny Gun Is Ineffective But Glorious

Battlefield 1's campaign manages a sombre tone but the game still manages to sneak a ridiculous pistol into the multiplayer for some laughs. It's super small and super not deadly. Youtuber jackfrags captured footage of the dainty Kolibri pistol in a new video. Just look at that reload animation! So elegant! A true gentleman's weapon!

Believe it or not, the Kolibri is an actual pistol designed by Austrian watchmaker Franz Pfannl in 1914 as a self defence weapon. It fired 2.7mm rounds at a velocity of 200m/s. For comparison, a Red Ryder BB gun fires at around 106m/s.

I haven't unlocked the Kolibri yet but you can check out the stats up above. Once I do unlock it? I'm going to run around the battlefield tickling foes with this wonderful little pea shooter.


    @7:42 for people wanting to see the weapon in the article title

      I would not have survived the video to that point. You are the literal best.

      Thanks for saving us that complete waste of time

        6 Secs of footage from a 12 minute video. Top notch journalism

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