BioWare Announces New Story Expansion For The Old Republic

Knights of the Eternal Throne, a new story heavy expansion for BioWare's Star Wars MMO will release on December 2. It will continue the story set in the previous expansion, Knight of the Fallen Empire. The announcement featured one kickarse trailer.

The trailer focuses on Senya, a Knight of Zakuul and former wife of the big bad Emperor Valkorian. Knights of the Fallen Empire's trailer focused on his sons; this takes a look at his daughter Vaylin. The Old Republic got a much needed breath of new life with the first expansion. This second season of the Knights storyline aims to once again recapture some of that magic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an oddity as an MMO. The highly popular Star Wars name combined with BioWare's strong storytelling to feature fully voiced character stories, but never seemed to catch on with fans looking for a more technical, gameplay filled experience.

The announcement page boasts of new mechanics and systems, including a command system that allows players to make grand choices about the entire galaxy. I personally enjoy SWTOR and am excited to see if this new expansion can reclaim some of the magic that made it so interesting to begin with.


    This game is all promises and no delivery. It's disappointing to see it garner any positive attention due to the absolute shitshow it's been throughout it's history. The latest expansion was no breath of fresh air, more an absolute trimming down of the game to placate a basic playerbase who are only there for the license.

    I still haven't finished the current fallen empire storyline. It started off good when they released 9 chapters all at once and they were strongly tied into each other, but then when it switched to a chapter a month it sort of lost a lot of steam storywise.

    I pre-ordered this game and played a whole few hours as a Sith Inquisitor during the pre-launch time period. Then when I went to play the game on launch day, I was unable to do so. Why? Because the thirty days of free game time that are included with the purchase of the game weren't able to be used until you payed for time on top of the game. I refused to do so on principle, and am quite glad of it. That was, I think, the second last time I gave a cent of money to EA and Bioware.

    Let me guess... "epic storytelling, be the generic 'treated like a Jedi regardless of class' hero, awesome new system (we'll forget about in 5 weeks) to distract from no new end-game and pre-release bugs still holding strong, blah blah blah."

      I like how you keep baging on about end game content in a STORY driven game. Like it or not, that is what SWTOR is, and every time someone brings up silly ideas about whether or not its got end game content... well.. PvP. That thing everyone wanted in the Beta. Thats your end game content. If you want it, that is. Me, I am playing the game for the story, and, for the most part, its a good story on all sides. So, if you want mindless questing, go play a different MMO. If you want an MM game that has an actually good story, play SWTOR.

        "Hello, Outlander (Insert Class title not found. Print "Even if you're a gun class, we'll act like you have the Force. Because fuck you.") Here's 7 minutes of gameplay stretched over 38 hallways and four months. Choices choices choices... lol jk. Nothing you did has any bearing on anything. Loser."

        Yeah, their cinematic BW storytelling is on par with Dragon Age 2 for quality and interaction. Coasting without anything to do at cap was passable when they had 7 other stories for replay value and something different to do to stave off boredom - but now it's all the same railroading garbage (no difference between even LS/DS, for Jebus' sake) with no point to levelling an alt? So can't imagine why people would be "bagging on" for something else to do.

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    SWTOR is good. Its not the best, and the f2p modle could be a LOT better, but it is still a GOOD game, and anyone who says otherwise is hating on it for hates sake.

      So no one is allowed to have legitimate criticism of the game? You are the definition of ignorant fanboy. No one is allowed to say negative things about your precious toy.

      The f2p model is what turned me off the game completely. If you're playing it as a "free" player it really makes you feel like a 2nd-class citizen and actively tries to make your game as frustrating as possible in an attempt to force you to pay.

    Every time I see an article for SWTOR my heart jumps into my mouth thinking it's announcing new KOTOR stuff. Then I just get sad, sure is a roller-coaster ride of emotion.

    SWTOR always irritates me because its the reason we never got KOTOR 3.

    I am glad the make every franchise into an MMO trend seems to have finally died down.

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