Brotherhood Is My Favourite Assassin’s Creed

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Video: On the most recent episode of our US podcast, Kotaku Splitscreen, I declared Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood to be the best Assassin’s Creed.

You can listen to my reasoning in the clip above or just read these extremely true bullet points:

  • Great location.
  • Great protagonist.
  • Great missions, especially the crucifixion one in the Colosseum.
  • Great integration of multiplayer into the game’s lore.
  • Great gameplay addition of the Brotherhood, who enabled the peak Assassin’s Creed moment: Walking down the street toward a target, whistling for the Brotherhood to attack, having a minion assassin leap up from a hay-filled wagon or down from a roof to take out the target, all while you just keep walking down that street.
  • Also: Pretty good modern day stuff.

Sure, ACII is the popular answer, but what that game did, Brotherhood for the most part did better.


  • I did like Brotherhood, but it wouldn’t have been as good without AC2 as a “prologue”. Currently playing Unity and finding myself enjoying it more than I expected. Reminds me a lot of AC2.

    Black Flag is still my favourite. Team Edward all the way.

    • how good is unity. i only just recently finished it as me and some mates picked it up for $9 from EB so we could do some Co-op.
      its my second favourite to Brotherhood. and then AC2 and AC revelation are up there in the top 5 alongside the first AC (i know right, i actually liked the first one and the third one for that matter)
      i got so bored of Black Flag, all that time in the ship just wasnt for me and its because im normally a completionist in terms of wanting to collect everything. and i didnt like Edward as a character, thought he was a douche. but i know lots of poeple that loved Black Flag and i dont have an issue with that.

  • AC2 was a great game, no doubt. Brotherhood did improve on it in every aspect though, so I’d have to agree with this. Having an army of assassins at your command was a great move – even if it did make the game a little easy.

  • This was a great game, the saddest part is though that Revelations should’ve been a half dozen missions tacked onto the end of this rather than a full blown waste of a game it ended up being 🙁

  • Brotherhood is EASILY my favorite of the bunch also. Great amount of missions / stuff to do, has some of THE BEST animus puzzles and the audio stuff you unlock on beating them. Gold.

  • Brotherhood was my entry game. I really enjoyed it. The only game other game in the series I managed to not stop playing through boredom was Black Flag.

    Black Flag is my favourite mainly because it has ships. You don’t get bored of the one city because you can sail around to othet ones. Also Black Flag gives you more opportunities for role play.

  • Best story is still ACII, but Brotherhood sanded off the few remaining rough edges – and the multiplayer! It’s a shame that it’s not really going anymore (I imagine), it was actually fantastic.

    Revelations gets a bit of a bum rap, due to the beginning of AC fatigue, but it still is a solid game, rounding out Ezio’s story nicely and also doing for the multiplayer what Brotherhood did for the singleplayer.

    It’s a shame that ACIII just shit the bed entirely.

  • Agreed! Brotherhood did a lot of good things to improve on ACII: The introduction of offensive sword-fighting rather than the passive counter-hit approach is my favourite technical improvement. But the overall game design – that mission at the start when the family castle is attacked and you have to run across rooftops and swing about all swashbuckling-like– and the jailbreak mission – was the best bits Assassin’s Creed by way of Errol Flynn!

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