Captain America Says: Get Off Your Arse And Vote

Captain America Says: Get Off Your Arse And Vote

Because there are fewer things more American than a man dressed as Captain America urging a disillusioned populace to go and place a vote for the candidate they hate the least.

This is Sikhtoons’ Vishavjit Singh using both his political drive and cosplay skills to remind/convince folks attending the New York Comic Con a few weeks back to vote. Because hey, after all the absurd theatrics and media frenzy barrel-scraping is done, there is actually an election to be had.

Below you’ll find some of the shots he had taken while at the con. If you are/recognise anyone in the shots, let me know and I’ll add a credit!


  • If there was ever an election I wouldn’t blame Americans for NOT wanting to vote, it’s this one. Most people I’ve spoken to about this election usually have strong feelings about the candidate they HATE the most, I almost never hear anyone talk about the positives of who they would vote for.

    • That is because there are no positives (that aren’t completely fictional) for the two main candidates. The real joke is that even if the minor candidates managed to pull even 10% they would still have no sway over the new POTUS. Its one of the few times I look at our system and think that it could be worse.

    • Nah man, this one needs people voting. If there’s a poor voter turnout, Hillary wil win, and we know what China and Russia think of her. They’ve threatened them ffs. The Philippines have abandoned them too and are in talks with China and Russia. This is very very very bad.

      Trump > Hillary.

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