Clustertruck's Developers Are Pranking Its Twitch Streamers

Streamer Vinesauce was surfing a parade of trucks in the new physics platformer Clustertruck when, on screen, these words appeared: "Hello Vinesauce. We are in control now." Clustertruck

Since Clustertruck's Tuesday release, its developers over at Landfall Games have been pranking the game's Twitch streamers live, on-air. They enter their Twitch chats, to the surprise and joy of viewers, and use a back door to troll streamers. On-screen messages, colour-changes and other little adjustments are hilariously derailing the streams.

"Oh, that's what's happening! You sons of bitches," Vinesauce said.

Twitch streamer TomFawkes noticed Landfall Games in his Twitch chat two days ago. "Hello?" he said. A minute later, the words "speedrunning time" materialised overtop the game. Clustertruck's gameplay sped up to an impossible pace. The chat went wild. "Landfall, why!?" TomFawkes yelled. At the end of his stream, after all the trucks were recoloured black, the developers said, "We have had enough."

Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" then played.

Last night, Clustertruck's developers went on Reddit to explain their trollish antics. All they can do is change colours, affect gravity, manipulate time, write text on-screen and Rickroll, although they stopped Rickrolling because they realised it could mute stremers' Vods.

Here's how they're doing it:

The game has twitch integration which let's a streamer connect their game to their twitch chat. The game then reads the chat and let's their users vote for events in the game. We also added a couple of special commands that are only accepted if the chat message comes from the Landfall twitch account.

Landfall did not respond to requests for comment. Hopefully, their tricksy antics will continue. Troll on.


    Kudos for them by being hands on with the community, and for having a little fun with them while they're at it :P.

    Actually his name is Vinny, not vinesauce, vinesauce is the group that he belongs too

    would it kill the writer to include any form of example that ISN'T a 1hr40min long video & an unrelated gif?

    A short video showing it or some time stamps would go a long way kotaku

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