Cosplay Photos Are So 2015, Now We Can Trap Them As 3D Models

3D company Sketchfab were at the New York Comic Con. Instead of taking photos, they were taking full-body scans of cosplayers, which is very cool if any of them ever want to be video game characters or action figures. Here are some more examples (press the play icon to load, then drag your mouse around to look):

If you're wondering how these are made, it's actually pretty simple. Where even a few years ago data like this would need to be captured inside a large rig, now you can get most of the shots you need using an iPad and a special hardware dongle. Provided the subject can stand still long enough for you to get around them.


    ...which is very cool if any of them ever want to be video game characters...So you have cosplayers cosplaying as video game characters becoming video game characters and then people would cosplay cosplayers cosplaying video game characters who themselves are video game characters? *Entire world implodes*

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