Counter-Strike Pro Gets Best Play Tattooed On His Own Body

Counter-Strike Pro Gets Best Play Tattooed On His Own Body

Over the winter, Olkesandr “S1mple” Kostyliev pulled off one of the most awe-inspiring pro Counter-Strike plays in recent memory. Now that play lives on in the hearts and minds of millions. And also in the level where it happened. And also on S1mple’s arm. Here’s the play:

While falling from a platform on de_Cache, S1mple pulled off a double no-scope, at which point everyone lost their whole entire shit. This didn’t happen against scrubs in a pub match. It happened against one of the best teams in the world, Fnatic, during the ESL One Cologne major.

Shortly after the career-defining moment, one of de_Cache’s creators, FMPONE, added a graffiti tag on a wall near where it happened. The platform S1mple fell from is often referred to by players as “heaven”, so the art depicts a falling angel wielding a scope-less rifle.

It’s insane to think about. This play, this single moment among millions that have happened on this level, is now a piece of its history — etched right into the walls. Plenty of other sports have had legendary moments commemorated, but this strikes me as a uniquely esports way of doing it.

Now, months later, S1mple has gotten the moment tattooed on his arm:

That will make for a hell of an icebreaker at parties.

Thanks, PC Gamer.