Counter-Strike Pro Obliterates Other Team Without Using Crosshair

We all knew Spencer "Hiko" Martin had mad skills. Despite losing to his former brother in arms, Oleksandr "S1mple" Kostyliev, in last weekend's semifinals where Team Liquid fell to the eventual ELS One New York champions, Natus Vincere, there are few people more terrifying to meet in a lonely CS:GO alleyway.

Hiko did nothing to dispel that after recently going on to ace a round during a livestream without using any crosshair.

With nothing but a pistol and his own eagle eyes, Hiko goes on to systematically dismantle the other team while trying to plant the bomb at site A. The last, lone soul from the opposing team tries to confront Hiko at the end, only to hesitate and be punished for it by the Team Liquid lurker's god-like precision.

You can watch the full round below.


    Yeah i used to do this on COD4 hardcore mode, i just drew a crosshair on the screen with a whiteboard marker

      Used to use sticky tape and draw on that back in the day.

    why didn't he have a crosshair? his computer run out of pixels??

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