Dan Harmon Is Producing A Sitcom About Esports

Dan Harmon Is Producing A Sitcom About Esports

I can’t imagine it’ll be anywhere on the level as Rick & Morty, but people are probably going to tune in nonetheless.

After all, we’re talking about Dan Harmon. It’s the co-creator of Rick & Morty, creator of the Community sitcom, host of the Harmontown podcast and more recently a writer on the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Doctor Strange.

So if Harmon and his company decides they want to write a sitcom about a bunch of players trying to become professional esports stars, then chances are I’m going to watch. Harmon’s savage style of humour would certainly fit within the world of video games, especially if something like Call of Duty or Counter-Strike becomes the game of focus.

According to Variety, the esports sitcom is one of a few seasons YouTube has announced for their subscription-only YouTube Red service. The series will feature Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, and will be a series of half-hour scripted shows. The announcement adds that Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow will also star, with Dan Harmon credited as the executive producer.

Untitled comedy from Dan Harmon’s Starburns Industries: Created by gaming-industry professionals Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox, who also will appear as actors in the series about a newly formed team of esports players trying to make it to the top in the cutthroat world of competitive gaming. The six-episode series will debut on Game Grumps’ YouTube channel in 2017. Executive produced by Dan Harmon (“Community,” “Rick & Morty”), Michael Waldron, Steve Levy, Arin Hanson and Brent Lilley, along with Morrow and Cox. Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe (“Rick & Morty”) will serve as showrunners and writers, as well as co-EPs.

The biggest problem I can see amongst all this is how you get away from the boring, tired images of people sitting down at their computer chairs, staring at screens. Something akin to The League could work quite well too, where the esports element just becomes a lynchpin for what happens around the characters.

But that’s a problem for the future. There’s no information as to when the series will see the light of day, but we’ll let you know when more news breaks.


  • For anyone looking for their Harmon fix in the meantime, try Atlanta.

    It’s a drama/comedy by Donald Glover (Troy from Community) who is most definitely a student of Harmon. The show is far more grounded than anything Harmon has worked on but it works.

  • Doesn’t really have that much to do with Dan as he is only an EP, most likely he will just stick his head in the door a few times and call it a day.

    Especially since the only game he seems to have any love for is Minecraft.

  • The announcement adds that Jesse Cox and Michele Morrow will also star
    How generous to add that the creators are actually involved with the project.

      • “Harmon aside” should imply that while I enjoy some of Harmon’s output, his involvement in this project will be insufficient to garner my favour. That is due to my opinion of the cast and crew being that they and their product are shit.

        It’s a “horses for courses” kind of thing, and not really up for discussion.

        • That’s fair enough, I’m not going to browbeat you for not liking someone or something.

  • Harmon won me with Community, where he managed to make basically impossible plots into amazing television.

    Thing is, he’s not a writer on this, and I’m not entirely sure of the cast here.

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