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If you’re learning to code, Python is a great language with which to start, and the Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle will get you there.

Why Python? It’s an incredibly high-level language. Not in the “out of your league” kind of way — “high-level” means that Python reads like English, making it a lot easier to pick up the syntax.

For instance, here’s a string of Python code to generate the text phrase “Hello world!” on your computer:

print 'Hello, world!'

To perform the same function, you’d need this C++ code:


main() { cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; }

...Which is a bit more complex and unintelligible to the untrained eye.

Need proof of Python’s power? YouTube, Google, and Quora are amongst those companies that rely on it to power their programs.

To get started, just pick up the Python Power Coder BONUS Bundle. Packed with over 70 hours of complete Python training, this course collection will help you explore many of Python’s uses at a beginner’s pace. It’s now just $57.72 AUD [$44 USD].

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