Dear Rockstar, Just Announce The New Red Dead Already

Dear Rockstar, Just Announce The New Red Dead Already
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Rockstar just posted this on its Twitter this morning and I’m sick of your shit man. Just announce the game already!

Shall we let the rampant speculation begin?

Sure why not.

There are seven people here: Magnificent Seven homage? Seven Samurai homage? I’m down for that.

Are these good guys? Will we be playing multiple protagonists like Grand Theft Auto V? Are these bad guys you gave to apprehend like in Red Dead Redemption?

Christ, what’s the point? Just tell us Rockstar. You have the game there. Just show us goddammit.


    • I think they will play this out for a week at least. From yesterday to today, it looks like they are creating a painting. Maybe tomorrow this image has more information added. That would be cool.

      • Yeh that’d be cool indeed. Pretty excited, that was an open world done right imo. The scenery was a wonderful change from the cities we always get.

      • Either that, or each day the group in today’s image will walk closer to camera until we find out who they are on the last image, which will include the game title.

        Bad grammar.

  • I don’t mind the wait with teasers, it’s the 2 year wait for a port to pc with rockstar open world games which sucks.

  • They may as well milk the suspense while they can because once the game ia announced everyone will forget about it till launch day.

    • I wish somebody would have the balls to do that. Just announce a major AAA game and drop it a week or a month later instead of hyping it for years to the point where there’s nothing left in it to surprise you by the time it actually comes out.

      • I know it’s not at the front of super AAA gaming, but Codemasters did this with the announcement and launch of Grid: Autosport.

        The release was the month after the announcement, and I have to say it was rather refreshing. I wish more companies would do this.

      • If anyone could do it it’d be Rockstar, right? Based on the reaction to literally just a picture of their logo, they don’t need to do 12 months of media push for it – if it was on shelves tomorrow it’d sell out.

        • They’ve got a pretty comfy relationship with retailers to think about. It wouldn’t impact sales but the stores would get all huffy because they’re used to pre-orders being the big metric.

      • “Here’s our new mega AAA game, NO special edition, NO season pass, just a standard regular edition with a piece of DLC or two six months to a year down the track to extend its lifespan maybe”.

        The good ole days *sniffle*

        • Yep, I’d buy the shit out of that.

          Not only that, but think of how much they’d save on marketing by only pushing it for a month or so instead of 2 years. These days a AAA game tends to spend more on marketing than it does on the development of the actual game. It would be really interesting to see a really good game delivered without all of that crap and see how well it sells. My bet is the sales numbers would be pretty close to what they would be with the usual type of over-promotion.

          • Actually, What if they use Preorders for EVEN MORE MARKETING, and the amount of marketing is BASED ON PREORDERS!

        • without day one patches, without 100GB manadatory installs…you put the game in, pressed power and youre in 🙁

          • So you want it to be a Wii U or 3DS Exclusive?

            Edit: I don’t know if you need to install for the Vita, but I don’t see physical media for it.

          • I can handle those, they’re part of the digital age. What I’m more concerned about is the raping of wallets for lesser need for quality development.

      • Fallout 4 – Announced June 2016, Released November 2016. I think that’s going to be as close as you’ll get for a AAA title between announcement and release.

      • Regardless of what people think of the game, Bethesda did pretty well with Fallout 4. June announcement with October release. Not quite a month, but it was still nice.

        • Was going to say the same, just couldnt remember which game it was that had the short timeframe.

          Would be nice if Red Dead Reboot did similar though. Dont need years of teasing, that just leads to disappointment, and disappointment leads to the dark side. In other words, grunt smash.

      • I was pleasantly surprised by the Fallout 4 announcement-release time, it was less than 5 months.

        I don’t think we’ll be as lucky here though, I can remember seeing Red Dead Redemption demo’s at conferences as early as 2005, it took another 5 years to be released.

        • GTA V was a month shy of two years from announcement to release. That being said, I think in the current climate, too long can kill hype.

  • Its a procedurally generated western game with over eleventy billion possible frontiers to explore. There are different horse classes with ‘meaningful differentiation’, large scale battles, complex creature behavior, and mulitplayer.*

    *Some features may not be available at launch. No refunds.

  • jokes on you all, its actually a movie tie in game for the magnificent seven and will be a Free to play MMO with a heavy P2W focus 😀

  • This probably wouldn’t work in reality, but I’m really hoping for an all online Red Dead game.
    The seven characters shown represent the posse you can have and do online story missions (similar to missions you can start in GTA online currently) or just roam the wild west doing whatever random things they’ve thrown in.

    • Red Dead Redemption had an online component, worked pretty well. As a larger MMO type game, it wouldnt have been hard to take it that extra step.

  • I really don’t think I want to jump between multiple protagonists – I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I loved the story RDR and that was due to my bond with John Marston.

  • Yikes, I think it’s about time I dig up my copies of Red Dead Revolver on Xbox & Redemption on 360 and getting around to actually starting both.

    • I’m one of the dirty peasants who never finished Redemption … currently mainlining through it on Xbox back-compat before I have to shill for the new one. Still holds up exceptionally well.

      • That’s good to hear it still holds up. I recently tried replaying GTA IV and ended up hating it & quitting (even though I had fond memories of it back in 2008). Are you playing through it without any prior knowledge of the plot? Unfortunately I’m already aware of the ending so I’m hoping it doesn’t effect my play-through.

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